Needing new tyres for road, thinking of either "Conti Gatorskin" or "Schwalbe One"
Size will be 700 x 28
No racing but not wanting anything too heavy..
Any thoughts,suggestions would be great!

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Done +5200 on my 700x28 and they are now have threads coming off the side wall and nearly worn through. I ride on glass busy roads and paths and have had 3 punctures;

1. small shard of glass worked it's way through, only found it when I ran a baby wipe on the inside of the tire ~2000km

2. tack pretty sure it was on purpose entrance to SUP at Naremburn ~4500km

3. Oz day glass from Anzac bridge SUP ~5000km

Moving to 700x25 4000s II's next.

I have been really impressed with my 700x23 4000s. Only 50 or 60 grams above racing weight tyres that survived Sydney roads without any problems.

Very good grip in dry or wet, cut resistant with very low wear - I don't know how they do it because the Black Chilli compound feels so hard when you stick your fingernail into it.

Unfortunately I ripped the side out of my front 4000s and now have a Bontrager AW3 on there - I need a couple of months to see how that goes.

700x25 4000s would be beauties I reckon, but they aren't always easy to get - I wanted the 25mm but nobody had stock.

You can get the 25mm from Evanscycles or CRC.

$48.99 from CRC or $42.12 from Evanscycles. If you bought that in about 1.5 yrs ago, it will cost less than that prices.

Yep, 25mm is the new 23mm ;^)

Couldn't get a 25mm Bontrager AW3 either - sold out!

Try around Sydney areas but it might cost more. Better off ring up to find availability and price.

Bontrager AW3 dealers around Sydney 

Thanks for some great help on this!
Looks like I'll go with Contis in 700 x 28 but may try some Schwalbe Duranos on another bike at same time...

I commute on from Penrith to Rhodes via the M4, which I think is the most intense roadway in Sydney with regards to road debris. I was able to ride them until the tread was practically flat, so they held up pretty well having covered approx 5000kms. 

Riding on Maxxis Refuse tyres, I still get the occasional puncture but, I think these tyres are fantastic for the price bracket/protection they provide.  You can purchase two via eBay including delivery for $50 and they are available in sizes 23/25/28.

Over my years of riding experience, every road bike tyre can be cut, it just depends on what debris you've ridden over.  

Recently, I had to retire (no pun intended) a new Refuse that had traveled less than 600km due to a major cut across the tyre.  Also, I use Mr Tuffy liner for an additional line of defense against punctures.

Ordered Conti gator skins in 28 and 32..
Will try the Duranos next..
Thanks all for the suggestions!
New tyres arrived Monday,fitted and very happy with the 32 width!
Have 28's to fit tonight.


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