Following Australia's ongoing successes in reducing cycling, it seems that the UK is starting to try to follow the same agenda.

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Australians find lack of helmets 'really strange'

FFS. My glance at the news suggested that the law review in the UK was not about MHLs. BTW I'm Australian and I find the Australian fixation with bicycle helmets really strange, not just strange, but appalling - the only place I ride with a helmet is Australia as it offers nearly 100% protection against helmet fines - seems some still get ticketed for incorrect wearing so protection is not 100%


Dr Black said he had seen real-life proof from his patients.

"They show me their helmet. The helmet might be split in two and those patients are the first to say, my helmet saved my life. And that is very real."

Both articles should be included with the ABC's news report. The absurdity of suggesting the results of one study by UNSW are conclusive flys in the face of all scientific research methodology. 

I think they should replicate Australia's failure

they did the sums and realised they could get more money from the congestion tax if the cyclists were driving cars instead.

And once again... 80% of pedestrians that have been struck by a vehicle has suffered head damage. MFHL for everyone - because nobody can trust motorists.

It's a furphy.

The Times wrote something sketchy on this and there's no plan to bring in MHL, according to the Minister.

Doctors with anecdotes are free to make submissions, that's all.

In UK cycling is relatively normalised. Govt realised at once it does NOT want to discourage cycling.

points out Times and ABC are having a pull

You don't think that it might be the thin edge of the wedge?


And I wouldn't worry about UK. Australians have their own shit to deal with, keep your eye on your prize. Britons meanwhile are preoccupied with their own problems, which they manage to add to as well. Leave them to it and eat popcorn.

meantime :

...Malta is the only European Union member state that has a blanket helmet law that requires all cyclists to wear a helmet, irrespective of their age or the type of area they are riding in.

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That is set to change, however. A spokesperson for Transport Malta said it is currently drafting legislation that will “bring Malta more in line with countries where bicycles are regularly used as a commuting mode of transport.”

The spokesperson continued: “Transport Malta has been at the forefront in promoting bike sharing, enacting legislation to make this possible and is in constant dialogue with potential service providers to make this service more popular,” he said.

“The Authority recognises the fact that obligatory helmets can be of hindrance to the promulgation of such initiatives.”

"For those few countries with a compulsory helmet law (Australia, New Zealand) or with a risk of enactment of such law (U.K), we suggest you follow our steps - do not try to cancel the helmet law. Our advice to you is to change it so that adults bicycling on urban roads would not be enforced to wear helmets. This is the main obstacle as sports bicyclists and mountain bicyclists usually wear helmets (as we believe they should) regardless of a compulsory law."

"..Spain requires all riders outside towns and cities to wear a cycle helmet, except in extremely hot weather or when they are going uphill..."

Sydney is supposed to be too hot and have too many hills too !

Not a problem for Oz, as far as I have observed you never see cyclists outside towns and cities except for a few nutter touring or audax types.


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