Oolaroo Hilton and Breakfast Bar with Bike Parking

I'm on the road again after an enforced layoff of 18 months. You could have knocked me over with a feather at the prices being charged in caravan parks for just a bare tent site. Wednesday's was $38 for one person with 2 man tent and bike! Last night's was more acceptable, albeit being in yet another showground, at $18.

It's great to be feeling the legs getting back to the different style of riding needed for touring.

And Ularooo? Don't you think that the new tent looks a bit like Uluru?


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Hmm I agree that prices are up, could be air b&b has taken away a bit of the camping volume in caravan parks.
Suggest that when you go to the office asking for a site, just mention in a broad sweeping, talking about the state of the local table drains manner, that you are a campsite reviewer for the hugely popular WITWIMB and that a report of any bindii(s)on location "may" lead to a sharp down turn in punters.
Who knows the management may give you about $2.50 worth of laundry coins?
Do you use this....http://www.findacamp.com.au/

Thanks baa baa, i haven't seen that one before. I'll add it to my list. I use My Parks andCaravancaravan mainly, as well as a now defunct free camp website. 

The show ground that I'm in today has a free washing machine and the state of the table drains is in accord with the high standard of the animal yards. 

Have you tried the WikiCamp app? It's my go to for finding camping when I'm out travelling.

$38 does seem a bit rich! 

But I guess Glamping has pushed up the prices of sites over the last decade or so.

I'm following a mate who is on his first big cycle tour right now - He's done Sydney - Mt Isa - Alice Springs and is now probably just in SA. As far as I can tell he camps in free places 80% of the time.

Really glad to hear you are up to touring again Dabba. i too have seen the price of unpowered sites skyrocket, Parkes in March had gone from $10 to $20 per night and Holbrook in April was also $20.

Supose we can't complain too much as the cheapest motel will still be $100+, pubs not much less.

The grey nomads keep an eye on you though. At Holbrook I was off before 6am and not back much before midnight. The next day while having breakfast in the kitchen one of them said,"you must be from the tent, no-one said they had seen you, we thought you might be dead!"

Thanks Bill.

I had a similar experience a couple of years ago when I left camp early without the bike. I hadn't paid for that day so the owners would have been a bit worried that I'd done a moonlight. I'd left for a walk up into Ararat before reception had opened and I'd had to get some medical help. After that was sorted out, I wandered around the town and then took a ride on the local buses to the limits of their routes just to see the sights. When I arrived back at camp late in the arvo, a few came up and expressed their concerns.

I don't think you'll get many persons that'll want to walk to the top of your tent

Hope not!

Elsewhere, someone suggested "Great way to stop people stealing posts..........lock them onto a bike"

What are the bathroom, cooking, common area facilities like compared to the pricing?

Could it also be a case that the increase in pricing is reflecting the increase in the costs of providing camping while accommodation such as pub rooms and motel rooms have become more competitive narrowing the gap

The expensive one had all of the bells and whistles that I didn't need - TV room, games room, bbq, playground, wifi, concrete slabs to stop tyres on cars/vans getting dirty, etc. The showground, while basic, was clean and had drinking water, toilets, hot shower and laundry.

The other thing that is a bugbear for me is having to pay for 2 people when i'm travelling solo. It's nearly always the minimum price.

It's a while since I've stayed in pubs, but my initial reaction is that if park pricing is so high, it does reduce the inclination to go tenting, and it may be more worthwhile just doing toothbrush touring. Many of the pubs that I've stayed in were only marginally more expensive than a powered campsite.

At the expensive park, the receptionist also told me that it would have been much more expensive in the coming week due to school holidays. A case of "I only want to rent it, not buy it!"

1 night for a small unpowered site this school holidays week in the expensive park ramps up from $38 to $58. Crazy!

Well this is such good news (as I pack the car to go off for a week camping/ tenting up the north coast with the youngest and dog ...) We will be winging it a bit but was thinking the odd night or two in an onsite van or tent spot as the dawg limits us to state forests and away from national parks.
Many towns are big on the RV Friendly Town thing with free one or two night stays in the main part of town. Must hurt the caravan parks so you would think putting rates down and not up in school hols would be the thing to do?

Mike, the peak (note the missing pun by not using "epic") is showground camping is the Exhibition Park in Canberra. They do it really well and while a bit bleak in winter is well worth a try if you are down that way for a day or two. Lots of councils could do much the same with under used showgrounds and just a few management and maintenance staff but the RV grey nomad dollar is king of the heap at the moment.


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