Oolaroo Hilton and Breakfast Bar with Bike Parking

I'm on the road again after an enforced layoff of 18 months. You could have knocked me over with a feather at the prices being charged in caravan parks for just a bare tent site. Wednesday's was $38 for one person with 2 man tent and bike! Last night's was more acceptable, albeit being in yet another showground, at $18.

It's great to be feeling the legs getting back to the different style of riding needed for touring.

And Ularooo? Don't you think that the new tent looks a bit like Uluru?


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Credit card touring would certainly lighten the load, tour on the Sportive maybe. Bet there are more towns with pubs than caravan parks so route options would be easier too. I am toying with (dreaming of doing) a ride next month with an overnight at Gooloogong and was surprised the pub's rooms (shared facilities just like a caravan park) are only $40-$60

"the pub's rooms (shared facilities just like a caravan park) are only $40-$60"

Yep, that's been my experience in a lot of country towns. Why carry all the gear if you can pay a bit more for some home comforts without carrying all of those kgs on the bike!

Depending on the weather, I'm planning on getting out that way on my tourer in late Oct-early Nov. I've been through Gooloogong a couple of times in the past, and there's a cheap campground opposite the pub. I've opted to have overnights at Forbes > Eugowra > Grenfell. I plan to be away for 3 weeks or so, but that's going to depend on temperatures. Long range forecasts for Dubbo in that period are suggesting maxima in the mid/high 20's, so that's workable. Rain doesn't look like an issue.

While away, one of the other things that I've always had a problem with was a sleeping pillow. I've tried using clothes, a compressible pillow - which was next to useless, and inflatable pillows. None of these seem to work for me. The inflatables move around all over the place, and the others, by themselves, are just unsatisfactory. The nearest that I seem to have got to a solution is put the inflatable pillow underneath a folded up bit of clothing.

What do others use that has worked for them?

End of the rode!


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