I recently got this email from people at University of Sydney - looks as though it's been sent to all students (and staff? not sure).

"University of Sydney proposed bike scheme

"To make it easier to get around the Camperdown/Darlington campus, the University is proposing to make bicycles available at various spots around campus which, for a modest fee, can be taken from one location and returned to either the same or a different location.

"As well as helping you get around campus, the bike scheme would support the University’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy which is one of our Work Slate Projects (EM7.1). It would also leverage the investment being made by the City of Sydney as part of its Sustainable Sydney 2030 program which proposes to deliver 53km of cycle ways in the immediate vicinity of the University.

"To help us gauge the level of interest in this scheme, please take a few minutes to complete this online questionnaire. It should only take 2-3 minutes of your time. Survey closes Thursday 11 June 2009."


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Hasn't happened to me personally, but that was an earlier thread on SC. But I've seen lots of legit bike racks, with lots of bikes, so there does seem to be something of a cycling culture. I'm a postgrad and only on campus sporadically, so others can probably add more about day-to-day experiences there.
Why don't the reply buttons work
Sorry... this won't work in a uni environment.

The bikes will be trashed, stolen, or otherwise disabled within weeks.

Your uni fees will go straight down the gurgler.

It'd be better if they spent the money on facilities that people could use with their own bikes.. and were more flexible (read not intolerant) about where you hitch your ride.

This has publicity/green/dreamer/money-wasting written all over it.
YEP this sounds like some enviro directors performance evaluation met.
Gosh, don't people have legs these days? Sydney Uni is not exactly big and it only take 5-10mins to go from one side to the other. How did all the we old grads survive those years?

Sydney Uni!.

try UNSW... there's a bloody great sand-dune in the middle of the bugger
So you need to ride around UNSW campus. They really should build a encircling bike path around their Kensington campus.
by the time students have paid the fee, found a bike, put their helmets on, returned the bike and helmet, they could have arrived already with a brisk walk. I ride in to Usyd, but I don't ride around campus on my bike, I walk.

Agree with weiyun - most people can manage walking around campus. If it was a scheme integrated with neighbouring suburbs (Newtown and redfern Station perhaps) then it would make some sense.


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