Upcoming changes to road rules - 1m Matters + ID + Fines


Ultimately I think the passing laws for motorists are probably going to be positive.

The ID one is one of those kinds of ideas that are really bad in principle but in practice actually won't really change anybodies riding experience. Most people are carrying their wallet when they ride. So meh.

The new fines are hilarious.

I don't mind applying 1m matters to shared paths. No need for people to transfer the inconsiderate behaviors sometimes shown to them by motorists on to pedestrians, and yet I see it happen. Practically it might be difficult or impossible to give 1m on some of the shared paths around the place, but I suspect this is the kind of law that only gets applied when contact is made (how many motorists in states with 1m matters have been fined in incidents where no contact was made with a cyclist?). The importance here is the message which makes it clear that cyclists need to be responsible for more vulnerable users of shared spaces, I'm fine with that.

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"Bicycle riders are also encouraged to allow pedestrians a metre of space on shared paths, where possible."

As per your link bottom Rob, that might not be that bad.

Dont link the license personally and some of the fines seem ridiculously large for fairly petty 'offences'. Also as the other Rob mentioned - the red light trigger issue for cyclists is a problem :(

My first reaction when I read this was "so they're going to start ensuring all SUPs are at least 1.something metres wide then?". But then I saw the "where possible" get out compliance free card.

(P.S. Bhanu - I was going to try and find the old thread to let you know the Ridley CX is on special again, for $1380...)

$319 fine for no helmet? Seriously?

Riding recklessly now costs you more than driving a car on a cycleway...

The ID one is one of those kinds of ideas that are really bad in principle but in practice actually won't really change anybodies riding experience. Most people are carrying their wallet when they ride. So meh.

But why make it a offense not to have ID!?  That is going to inconvenience many people for no purpose whatsoever.

But of course that is the point isn't it.  To inconvenience cyclists.

I'm not saying I agree with it, but to some degree the requirement to carry ID could have an impact on the way some people ride. For instance, if someone runs a red light and is pulled over, they could claim to be Donald Duck and their address 1 Magic Mountain, Disneyland. If you're required to produce ID to confirm it, or be fined anyway, then you might think twice about "whether you can get away with it".

I'm one of those who don't carry their wallet with them at all times - at least not when I'm out for a road ride. I do carry another wallet (with some cash, house key and puncture kit etc) which includes an expired DL, mainly just for IDing me should I not be in a sufficient state to do it myself. This probably wouldn't cut it to meet the new requirement, but the move to having DLs on your phone will mean I should be covered.

Does anyone know how the fine compares to the same offence (not produce a licence) for motorists, which is currently $107? I'm guessing it's more...

Still if it's any small grace, at least someone suffiently unpersuaded Dunc "Increasingly Persuaded" Gay that we don't need to hold a bike licence, just carry ID. Not that either are a particularly good idea.

they don't appear to have defined 'photo ID' yet, so it will be interesting to see how they do that bearing in mind foreigners, university library cards and so on.

my work badge has my photo and name on it. not my address so should work well

plenty of photo ID online.

Yes, it is a bit morbid, but it does make sense to carry ID at all times just in case... I've been scooped off the ground and put in an ambulance with a traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car in a foreign country. Glad I had ID on me. No matter how light I am travelling, I'll have ID on me.

And yes, carrying ID was the far more reasonable policy position when compared to what could have been, though that isn't saying much.

Ubu if you're pulled over now and pull the Donald Duck routine, the police can hold you until they are satisfied they have established your real identity and unless you're a copper I'm not pulling out my ID for you.

I never carry my driver's licence when cycling but I have other ID sufficient to identify me or my emergency contact.

It's a solution looking for a problem

Poor Governments are rather fond of three little steps:
One: identify a group which doesn't conform to your opinions and models.
Two: place more and more restrictions upon them to satisfy the masses- thereby turning a now marginalised group into strangers in their own country.
Three: enforce 'laws' and confiscate money- strangers don't belong or deserve much compassion or understanding anyway.

The idea of cyclists having to carry photo ID is somewhat reminiscent of the infamous 'Dompas' of Apartheid South Africa.

ah yes,the dumb pass

very chilling

Metre / Metre & half is very important but must be introduced with an "education" campaign and enforced. Dabba's recent unsatisfactory experience with police not taking seriously close passing should be a thing of the past. I note the fine is the same as not wearing a plastic hat ($319) but included two points which are often more important to bad motorists.

The fine are ridiculous and will cause a decrease in cycling, helmets and being hassled for not wearing one is a issue for cyclists in my area (Kings Cross/Darlinghurst)  and some people I talk with will stop / decrease riding rather than wear a helmet. To some extent the significant increase will I think make more people active in helmet choice advocacy.

Giving a metre to peds is always a good idea, hard to do if they are walking four abreast taking the whole width of the path in which case I generally just stop and let the walk around me.

Pretty much what I expect from Minister Gay

PS - I notice the distance in the diagram is measured from the side mirror which is even better.


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