Upcoming changes to road rules - 1m Matters + ID + Fines


Ultimately I think the passing laws for motorists are probably going to be positive.

The ID one is one of those kinds of ideas that are really bad in principle but in practice actually won't really change anybodies riding experience. Most people are carrying their wallet when they ride. So meh.

The new fines are hilarious.

I don't mind applying 1m matters to shared paths. No need for people to transfer the inconsiderate behaviors sometimes shown to them by motorists on to pedestrians, and yet I see it happen. Practically it might be difficult or impossible to give 1m on some of the shared paths around the place, but I suspect this is the kind of law that only gets applied when contact is made (how many motorists in states with 1m matters have been fined in incidents where no contact was made with a cyclist?). The importance here is the message which makes it clear that cyclists need to be responsible for more vulnerable users of shared spaces, I'm fine with that.

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 And thanks for correcting me @horses, "...writing to the premier and the minister to express your displeasure...", would never have thought of that, wow, they must really be worried by that, it's going to be really effective, just like all the other mountains of letters and emails in the last 5 years.

No, if you really really want change you have to expend your time and your money and make it happen, it's harder than pressing the "like" button but will have more impact. Pick an advocacy group or political party or group, get involved, spend the time, donate, put yourself on the line and work at it, maybe for years and change might happen. You have to be emblematic of the change you want.

What other "actual action" do you have in mind that might be more effective.

Oh fine, it's all too hard. Let's just give up.

Most things that are worthwhile are indeed hard but I think I was suggesting much more actual real immediate and long term personal activity than you @horses, not giving up, what I am trying to understand is your suggestions for effective activity to bring about change over and above expressing "displeasure" to people who will never see it and would ignore it anyway.

All the things you've listed, but people who don't see a problem with the laws are hardly going to get involved in those things, are they? Do you think opposing the laws would be more effective if it were limited to those people already active in advocacy groups and turning up to protests?

I'm pretty confused at this point why you even replied to me. Was it the trite final line of my original post that set you off? Should my future comments include a full list of political parties, user groups, organisations and dates of protests that people can join? Maybe I should stick to important things, like asking about the size of a fine (rather than just reading the announement)?

Ahem, have you folks heard of the Australian Cyclists Party?  Some of you are members?  Just checking.

Omar, I am a member and I have made an appointment for late January with my local MP, who is unfortunately in opposition.  Do you have any strategic plans for ACP on this?  If so, could I get briefing notes to take to my MP so that we're all singing out of the same song book on these issues?

We are currently working on a number of fronts to see how we can tackle not only this issue but the fact that Minister Gay is the problem as he keeps reminding us.  We need him out because he is a menace not only to us but to this State.

Which means he must begin to look like more of a liability to the LNP and to threaten their own future prospects - at all levels.  Part of our effort will be to appeal to those cyclists (individual and corporate) who are large LNP donors to stop donating until Gay is gone and the they find a different formula when it comes not only to cycling but to transport and to building better communities.

We already are able to talk with other parties directly and have begun to do so but the timing is not in our favour with most politicians off on their holidays until February.

We will keep you and our members posted and those who think this would be a good for a political lever to be strengthened come on board and support us.  If some of you have links that would be useful, please pass them on.

Thanks Omar, your a champ

Be good if we can also focus on how much this is going to hurt votes in places where they go sans magic plastic hat all the time i.e Mike Baird and Tony Abbot with Manly/Northern beaches and partially Malcom Turnbull with Bondi especially with the federal election coming up. Noting that mhl was/is a federal policy.

The really dumb thing about this is that Mikes office is 300m from the Queenscliff to South Steyne shared path. The other fed one who we would rather not even think about (tone) is more like 100 or 150m away. These blokes see and know that all types of peoples bike without id, lids, shirts, shoes, with a board under one arm and a bag of supermarket stuff hanging off the handle bars and it works for Manly and the nearby 'burbs. The bike rack are full every day of the week. Mike gets the bike thing both on a local and commuting to the CBD and beyond basis and I kinda think he would like to line Dunc up for a fail with this one...

Anyway none of these new rules will any difference in Manly. I will not change my biking methods and I doubt the police will even bother to change to even giving out warnings. But yes, I agree target them but by letting them know the focus is on the lib and nat marginal seats.

I am also guess that NSW country town coppers will still continue to warn only and ignore to fine anyone around these new bike rules, if the cost is now so high the ability to pay will just make giving out fines a joke that any community based cop will do anything to avoid

OTOH the fines are SOOOO high and cyclists such an easy, soft target that it is worth cops' while going after this not inconsiderable source of revenue.

I worry that enforcement will suddenly increase. 

LNP really likes a fascist regime where the sheep conform and stay under control, baa baa.

I'm not really sure that the cops are that focussed on revenue, but they are focused on results (no of infringements), and also 'being seen to do something'. So it's almost inevitable that the new regulations will come in with a simultaneous 'crack-down', to show the public the police take things seriously, and get results.


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