Upcoming changes to road rules - 1m Matters + ID + Fines


Ultimately I think the passing laws for motorists are probably going to be positive.

The ID one is one of those kinds of ideas that are really bad in principle but in practice actually won't really change anybodies riding experience. Most people are carrying their wallet when they ride. So meh.

The new fines are hilarious.

I don't mind applying 1m matters to shared paths. No need for people to transfer the inconsiderate behaviors sometimes shown to them by motorists on to pedestrians, and yet I see it happen. Practically it might be difficult or impossible to give 1m on some of the shared paths around the place, but I suspect this is the kind of law that only gets applied when contact is made (how many motorists in states with 1m matters have been fined in incidents where no contact was made with a cyclist?). The importance here is the message which makes it clear that cyclists need to be responsible for more vulnerable users of shared spaces, I'm fine with that.

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I had my meeting yesterday with my local ALP MP regarding these new rules and this. Her response to the new rules seemed to be a case of "why do we want to become the nanny state again". I got a fair hearing, but I didn't get any warm and fuzzies that she would be a champion on it. She said that she'll take it to Caucus with the points that I'd discussed, but she would vote in parliament in line with the caucus vote. She also mentioned that there are just as many in ALP who would like to see cyclists off the road. Having said that, she does seem to be receptive to cycling. She remembers us discussing it when she phoned me to drum up votes before the last election. 

"why do we want to become the nanny state again"

Again? When did NSW (or Australia in general) stop being a nanny state? She's deluding herself.

I don't, and probably never will, understand why such a large proportion of the Australian population want cyclists out of sight, out of mind and off the roads. I didn't grow up here so maybe there is some cultural phenomenon that I don't appreciate? Is it the bogan Falcodoore factor? Either way, the more conversations I have with non-cycling people, including members of my wife's family, the more I despair for the future of legislation aimed at cycling in this country (and hence cycling in general).

I would *tell* her that as your MP she is on point to at least ensure that debate is triggered.

If she insists that she answers to her Caucus and not the people she is paid to govern FOR, I would tell her to fuck off.

Same pozzy regarding my own Labor MP, and I shall take the same stance of course.

And indication of how serious Labor are about delivering for cycling it is amusing to go to page 5 and check off what they actually delivered. It turned out to be a plan to take the piss.

Which stacks up of course with Liberals, under whom every one of the sparse cycling projects approved for this year will be a footpath. Not to mention them closing cycle facilities; including M2 this week, College St, and the path under the M4.

Labor hoped to build 200 km of cycleways each year according to that plan (Bike Plan 2010). Now down to 108 km according to the RMS at http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/projects/key-build-program/cycleways/inde..., with a total spend of $28 million, across 83 Councils.

To get near an appropriate level of spending, which based on Euro levels is about €30 or $50 per head, the budget should be nearer $350 million.

Also of relevance to Bike Sydney's "one big idea" for the M5 East to Airport bike link is the RMS statement in the link above that they have a policy to provide cycling facilities in all major road projects. Granted, some work is proposed around the airport, but a link to the SW is then needed. Fancy being able to ride to Liverpool along the M5 corridor.

Thanks I'll use your data to respond to a letter Ray Williams sent me trumpeting the record spending on active transport.

Deffo time to call BS on THAT !

Hi Bob,

To add to that when Anthony Albanese was infrastructure minister in the labour govt, massive interstate improvement was made to railway, mainly for freight movement.  At the time this ran through Sydney in the section Strathfield to Hornsby (if memory serves right)  Mr cycling advocate Albanese's infrastructure project got rid of the Concord West "bicycle tunnel".  Bikes have to use the bridge along with the cars.


 Compare that to Auckland New Zealand now in Dec 2015,  A 5m wide bicycle tunnel retrofitted under a motorway to keep cyclists separated.  We can't even get an upgrade.  Hold them to account.   IMO Albo does not have much of a record in this area despite his public proclamations.  (Happy to be corrected)  

The tunnel is still there last time I went that way,but still narrow and signed as cyclists dismount, not that anyone does.

"The use of the culverts by the public in the long term is a RailCorp matter as the asset owner. Concerns raised in submissions regarding the long term use of the culverts by the public have been passed onto RailCorp for its consideration."
- According to the responses to cyclists submissions.


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