The NSW election looms...I was recently emailed a link to the Greens "Transport Vision"'s the relevant cycling bit:

Integrated cycleways for Sydney ($250 million)

The Greens will invest $250 million to finally deliver an integrated cycleway network for Sydney. $185 million will fund the construction of the (Inner) Sydney Regional Bike Network, a 284 km network of separated and shared cycleways connecting 15 Local Government Areas (LGAs) surrounding the Sydney CBD. This network is predicted to increase cycling trips, reduce congestion, improve health
and produce a total of $506 million in economic benefits to the community over 30 years. Further, the project has been listed as a priority project by Infrastructure Australia but the federal government is yet to fund it. An additional $65 million will fund key missing cycling infrastructure projects across Sydney. The Greens 2020 Transport Infrastructure Plan for NSW supports active transport and cycleways.

The whole plan can be found here

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... AND nobody in front of ICAC, ever.

Seems completely sensible to me!!

If only the people in power would just listen to Infrastructure Australia, it wouldn't be such a mess. Tony Abbott even wrote about how cycling as a great green solution to transport. Then as soon as he got into power, he changed his mind and pushed for toll roads only to the exclusion of everything else.

Now that Labor has come out in support WestConnex, the Greens really are the only sane choice.

This was a ripper headline: Labor's transport policy: less of the same

Pretty well sums it up. Why go to all the effort to write your own policies when you can just copy the stuff that got the other party into power last time, with minor adjustments for rhetoric?

Of course, one could argue that Labor is actually doing us a favour here by spending less on pointless infrastructure projects that have been designed primarily to line developer's pockets. It would be a mistake however since they are keeping all of those and making the cuts elsewhere instead.

Greens sound a great option

Other Campaigns that may not be of interest 

Libs campaign put your foot in your mouth

Labour campaign stab the person next to you and takeover

Palmer United just eat more and watch people ride bikes  

How hard can voting be?

1. Australian Cyclists Party

2. Greens

3 to infinity. Everyone else


Infinity + 1. LNP

N.B. If there are fewer than an infinite number of candidates on your ballot papers (unlikely, I know), just put LNP last.

I generally agree with you, but LNP are better than the various variants of the Racist Party of Australia that you have never heard of but pop up on ballots. Baird, my local, before he was premier did tell everyone to shut up when banning bikes from the Spit Bridge came up a couple of years and actually said that bicycles reduce the number of cars on the road, were part of the solution etc. In general principle I agree with you though.

I hope he's standing up against the intervention, mandatory detention of refugees, vilification of Muslims, marriage equality, etc. otherwise he's just as bigoted as your typical Racist Party candidate.

Infinity + 1

Heh, my five year old threw me a curve ball bowled me a Southee-esque inswinging yorker on the weekend:

"Dad, can you please count backwards from infinity?"

(And yes, there is an answer... although I didn't complete it).

Sometimes I miss voting. But not often (not even once every four years).

I tried to find the greens transport policy for the 2011 election to see if having the ACP has effected their policy but couldn't find it. Hasn't effected the LNP and the ALP at all, I hope after the election they realise that was a mistake.

Good point. I think the Greens have had ample chances to prioritize active transport. They have not been negative on cycling but where are the examples of them using leverage in NSW parliament to win infrastructure dollars for cycling? 


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