Hi everyone,

I'm helping to organise some rides in the next few months that I thought some of you might be interested in.

First there's a long-weekend bicycle tour along the Hawkesbury River, on October 3-5. It's going to be pretty relaxed, camping in the Dharug National Park (60km/day, with either a rest day or out-and-back ride on the middle day). This is the perfect ride for someone who's new to bike touring. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1476746749318643/

Next up there's a more gruelling ride from Lithgow to Mittagong on October 24-25, through some beautiful bush on sealed and unsealed roads (105km/day). Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/946501915406384/

And finally there's the Newcastle Overnight, which is happening on November 28th. It's the fourth annual ride, leaving Sydney Observatory Hill at 9pm, and riding to Newcastle. Registrations are now open, and details are here: http://newcastleovernight.com/

The more the merrier with these things, so please let your friends know.


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Chris, G'day.

You and your Mates have planned and done some very interesting tours.

Can I ask a favour of you, when you're writing your account of the ride, about, when you're on the Great Range Fire Trail, now known as the Range Fire Trail? Can you mention that this section is part of the Bicentennial National Trail?

Warren Hudson.

Section Co-ordinator, Bicentennial National Trail.

PS, Have a wonderful trip.

No worries Warren, will do!

Chris, with your excellent images and track notes, that will be first class. Any consideration will be magic.

Cheers Mate.


got a route planed for the Hawkesbury one yet? That sounds interesting

Yes indeed, I'll post them up on the event page but here they are.

And back (Monday): https://goo.gl/maps/S8zeV
On Sunday there will be a few options. You can hang out at the campsite, go for a bushwalk, or go on a loop or out-and-back ride. St Albans is nearby, so is the Great Northern Road (quite rough), plus the hill up to Mangrove Mountain.

This is a great ride - incredibly scenic and peaceful.

Can I suggest a small modification for Saturday?

After crossing the bridge at Windsor, turn left on to Freemans Reach Rd, and then right into Argyle Reach Rd. There's a bit of dirt, but it's smooth and easy, and it takes you through the middle of some farms before popping you out at Wilberforce. Much more pleasant than Wilberforce Rd, and adds almost no distance.


If you have the time, tea and scones at the cafe at Eberneser Historic Church on Coromandel Rd is a must. Overlooking the river in a beautiful spot, and you can also do the Swallow Reach walk by bike to connect with Grono Farm Rd as a bypass of the main road.

Bike Leichhardt does the WWW Ride every year from Wyong to Windsor, up Bumble a Hill, down Mangrove Mtn, a stop at the cafe at Spencer, where the new owner wouldn't let us sit in his chairs because "Lycra wears out the varnish". Banished to the riverside benches! Stayed at the Wisemans Pub, which is slowly being renovated.

One of the best touring routes near Sydney, I reckon, because of the scenery and varied terrain, plus you can train it at both ends.

I've had a similar experience with the cafe owner at Spencer. He really hates people on bikes.

Sorry Bob but can't match scones, jam & cream on the Bogan Gate Railway Station provided by the CWA ladies, only weekends though.
sounds good, did they let you back through the Gate easily though?

Thanks for the route suggestions, they sound like excellent modifications.

I won't be around for the first two but I am putting Nov 28 in my diary. Thanks for arranging these great rides Chris and co.


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