Out of date eBay bids and Q&A.

edit: add the word -rip off on 17/8/13

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19 bids! There really suckers born every minute.

Want to buy cr@ppy tyres. Guaranteed to have punctures every 5 kms with expletive languages and a lot of good work outs.Free useless puncture kits with dried glue thrown in.

Now if you want to make a quality eBay investment...

hahah that is great!

And the first one has been sold!

No, seriously.

Well I thought it was funny.  

Yep, made me laugh.

Brenton Cook is also now my friend :D

Brenton Cook!!!  It`s Brenton Cross. :)  He might be not cooking but he might be cross. :)

Oops! No wonder he rejected my friend request 10 times before relenting :D

What a rip off from Chiggle cycles on eBay???  I bought one of this same Sigma wireless computer for <$35 from OLBS last October. It is not selling on OLBS anymore as it had upgraded to newer models.

Still on sale atm but no takers yet.  My mind says " hmm, that`s cheap as I`ve got $20 left so that will get me $9.50 to spend on the munchies while on the ride as I thought it was $11.50."  :)  Oops, wrong cash... Is $20 note worth $40 as it got 2 x 20 imprinted on both sides as is the same with other notes???

Ah, but you need to be  The Smart One to buy this.

Wow, I`ve saved $1,105 for the second bottle so I clicked it to buy it.  Oh, wait!! Bugger it, stupid me that I`ve wasted money on it. What a rip off!!!   :)

And those Repair stand is the same one as Aldi sold it for $35.


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