I just fitted a new XTR SP41 shifter cable set on my 29er. Lovely. Shifts like new again!

I had a couple of the neato sheathed cable glands and rubber grommets left over. These ones - I've never seen them before ...........

They look like the absolute perfecto sealed cable grommet for the rear cable loop that always cops the water and crap and softens up shifts.

  They are a little loose in the braze on anchor points, but is anybody else using these on their road bikes? Is there a reason not to?

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No I haven`t used it and not seen it either. It looked good to stop the water to get in cable housing.

Better watch out that it might get cable the glandular fever.  :)

I hadn't ridden my 29er for months and on Saturday I took it on the Lane Cove Family Fun Ride. I rear shifter wasn't working at all :-(   It was the front of the rear cable housing, all corroded and crappy.

You get seven of the nifty glands and grommets in the kit and I only used 3, so I will probably buy a new inner cable and re-do the rear of my Litespeed as well.

If you want one, let me know.

Thanks for your offer. No,I don`t need it as I always looked after my bikes and some of them haven`t been ridden for a long time but been stored inside my unit and I`ve got 10 ferrules.

When you do the dirty ride then after you finished with it for the day, clean up your bike and wiped it off.  I know that you`ve got the chain lube from your discussion on SC but it is too thick for the cable. Prolink lube in syringe squirt inside the cable housing so it will not stick if not used for a long time while you use the roadie. Get Prolink 473ml lube from CellBike on special for $24.95c as it is thinner. And they sell ProGold Luber pen 7.4ml for $9.95c but it is better off to get the 473ml and it will last a long time.

I feel bad for not giving my 29er the proper love ;-(
We have some light Teflon grease at work. I might daub a little inside the grommet. That should do it for a while.

Avid Flak Jacket have doodad's like that for their fully sealed kit.


Similar concept alright.
I was very surprised when I opened the Shimano packet and found them.
Maybe they've been around for a long time, but they are new to me.

Those fit my trek, but I don't actually use them anymore having gone to a straight pull rear derailleur, which doesn't require a loop in the cable, so water won't collect there anymore, so it doesn't need that level of sealing.


also found that getting the local bike shop to cut me lengths of housing to my requirements has always given better cabling than the shimano sets, which didn't supply enough housing for a full suspension bike.  Hopefully they are little less stingy with housing in the xtr set.





There was plenty in the kit for my needs. And plenty left over to do some upgrades on my road bike cabling too.

Yep use them on the commuter and cx bikes but not the sportive. Seem to do the job of keeping fine gunk out.


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