I did a quick scan of the variable message signs around Sydney today on http://livetraffic.rta.nsw.gov.au/#mapview

Some have useful info but most show either nothing or default messages such as:

  • Bus lanes in operation
  • School zones operating between....
  • Clearways in operation
  • Report traffic incidents 131700
  • Do not queue across intersections
  • Seat belts save truckies too
  • Etags save time and hassle
  • No Dangerous goods in tunnels

It'd be great to have some cycling related messages such as "Change lanes when overtaking cyclists"

What cycling related messages (including humorous) would you like to see on displayed on these boards?


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In my view they should leave these things blank unless they have an urgent emergency message to display.


Otherwise motorists get "warning fatigue" and simply ignore them.

I agree.


I have seen some strange ones here in Brisbane:

"Always keep motorcycles in sight" - what if there aren't any??

"Follow road signs, ignore GPS" - yes, I kid you not...!!

...and so on.

Be nice Paul.

The "Follow Road Sign, Ignore GPS" I saw was where the new works near the airport had just opened.  The GPS would have been giving wrong directions.

Yes, the one I saw was on the Ipswich Motorway.


Surely the default line of thinking following obvious roadworks is to ignore the GPS and watch where you're going, or is that expecting too much?


Perhaps people believe the maps are updated in realtime. That's a worry.

My wife complained to me that the GPS in her car still didn't have a new street in North Ryde on it AFTER 3 WEEKS!!!

So, Yes! people think they update in real time.

The other "little known" fact is that some GPS's use Taxi Data to load traffic directions.

So you will find detours through commonly used service stations, and illegal turns where taxis often get lost (mainly on the north shore)

This means you get drivers who have their brains turned off, pulling up at a no right turn signs and causing all sorts of mayhem.

Going off topic here, but if you have a Garmin GPS you can download maps for it generated from Open Street Map. No need to wait 3 weeks to get that new street!

Good grief!


Re: Comment from Ben below

The OpenStreetMap data is fantastic and often roadwork changes ARE reflected in the maps (including diversions) if people are editing the data - although some renderers don't update their map tiles frequently enough.


I contribute quite a lot to the OSM project - it is wonderful - and I recommend everyone does too. The more local knowledge, the better.

I have a few photos of these helpful signs (the mobile variants) for motorists actually blocking cycle lanes!

They don't need to be electronic. This one...

...was positioned near the Macquarie Park M2 on-ramp (sorry Paul, probably something you're not particularly familiar with) where it is currently prohibited to ride your bike anyway and less than 10m after a sign that says something to the effect of "Bicycles prohibted from using M2". Note how it blocks the SUP, right on a 90° bend as it enters a pedestrian crossing?

Unbelievable... clearly pedestrians don't matter either!
Funniest one I've seen said "this sign is not in use".
I saw one in a caryard advertising in large lettering: "MODEM FAILED"


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