I did a quick scan of the variable message signs around Sydney today on http://livetraffic.rta.nsw.gov.au/#mapview

Some have useful info but most show either nothing or default messages such as:

  • Bus lanes in operation
  • School zones operating between....
  • Clearways in operation
  • Report traffic incidents 131700
  • Do not queue across intersections
  • Seat belts save truckies too
  • Etags save time and hassle
  • No Dangerous goods in tunnels

It'd be great to have some cycling related messages such as "Change lanes when overtaking cyclists"

What cycling related messages (including humorous) would you like to see on displayed on these boards?


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Now that is funny.  :-)

Much like the one, for which the purpose I am assuming was to advise users of the resurfacing job through Bobbin Head that proudly displayed:


I beg your pardon, no YOU can go and insert a USB. What pi$$ed me off the most about this was that there was then no warning of the damage the loose surface ended up doing to bikes - snapped derailleurs from tar-coated stones sticking to chains that then jammed in jockey wheels, punctures and holes in sidewalls - all of which could have been avoided if the RTA had bothered to adequately inform cyclists of the hazards, and they then decide if they want to take an alternate route.

Yes, it's far from perfect. I did ask the RTA why they didn't give it the "West Head treatment" and got some answer along the lines of "we need to consider the surface requirements of a number of different road users" (WTH, since when did the RTA consult in a meaningful manner?). At least the potential to cause damage now is nothing like it was when they were doing it. I lost a tyre and know several people who have new derailleurs as well as custom tar spots on their frames and clothes that won't come off. If someone had bothered to insert the USB just like the sign declared loud and proud, a lot of this would have been prevented.

That reminds me of a massive sign that 3 blokes unfurled at the cricket many years back and it said, "THIS IS A BED SHEET"

How about:

"Caution: Variable message sign blocking cycleway".

That would be the appropriate message for the one I had to veer around near the new Iron Cove Bridge yesterday.

Seriously, why-T-F are these sharp-edged, bulky things placed where they endanger pedestrians and cyclists?

You're on fire this morning NeilA.  :-)

Seriously though, my understanding is the RTA authorise the wording and placement of the signs and contractors own and supply them and put them in place and retrieve them when the RTA tells them to.  Some trailers are hired from Coates Hire, but I know of someone who owns a fleet of them and they are making big $$ from the RTA.

Anyway, I digress.  My point is that there is possibly/probably mis-communication between the RTA and the contractor from time to time.  Also, there is a myriad of factors to consider in placement and I am guessing that pedestrians and cyclists will cause less damage to the trailer than a motor vehicle so they put them out of the way of m.v.'s as a priority and the pedestrians and cyclists have to look after themselves.

Before NeilA jumps in, it's "...a myriad factors" - the "of" is redundant. The archaic source of myriad is from 10,000, and you wouldn't say "there are 10,000 of ideas". Think of it is a synonym for "many" and you won't go wrong!
Woohoo! I can retire!!
Not so soon Neil, what if SUS goes on holiday.  I will be proofless.  :-P
My Indian colleagues have done the needful and reverted with a myriad of disagreements.

Actually, SUS, in English myriad can be used as either a noun or an adjective (Garner's Modern English Usage has the noun form being first used ca.1555, the adjectival form ca. 1791). If it is being used as a noun it is correct to say "a myriad of X". If it is being used as an adjective, the "of" is obviously unnecessary. "The choice is a question of style, not correctness”, so says Garner.

In which case I am happy to concede and at the same time apologise to MB (I was originally taught to use it as an adjective). No doubt over time it will acquire a myriad of uses...


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