Apparently these kids were not even on the road. The driver was drunk. We'll find out more about him including priors etc. And who is the owner of the vehicle? 

The reports say it is all about the families. Well, it is actually about the whole society and us being able to allow our children out the door, to be in public spaces.

As has been said over the years on this site, we need laws that confiscate vehicles in various situations including cases like this, laws to sell them and bank the money to state treasuries and in cases of vehicle write-offs, to take the insurance money. It is no different if the driver was not the vehicle owner unless it can be proven the vehicle was stolen at the time.

So often these hoons don't have licences so taking them away does little. Jail is not much of a deterrent. It is too little, too late.

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You know they're that bad Bob. It's been commented many times that if you want to murder someone, wait till they're riding a bike and run them over. Guaranteed most lenient sentence.

thats the magistrates, not the law. We do have criminal charges that can be laid. Unlike USA where you can run someone over and only get a “moving violation” it seems.  NY trying to change that.

It's a symptom of our totally entrenched "drivers have plenty of good excuses for their appalling driving" mentality.


It would take a tidalwave of change.

Change priority at crossings so pedestrians cross before cars.

Change every special lurk that car drivers have and put pedestrians and vulnerable road users in front of them. Above them.

And arguments about traffic efficiency and peak hour? Fuck them! Ride a bike or catch public transport. 

I've seen so much road rage, so many selfish bastards, so many who put themselves first and everybody else last. And it's getting worse and worse year on year.

It would be a social revolution. Not pretty, but necessary.

The Dutch did it, and it turned out pretty! 

We need it.

Everybody needs it!

Also, but, more "strict liability" as defined "legally responsible for the consequences flowing from an activity even in the absence of fault or criminal intent" with a hierarchy of responsibility / liability due to likely consequences and therefore the additional care that should be exercised. As Duncan mentions drivers of trucks are already held to a higher standard because they can cause greater injury so have extra responsibility. This should be extended to recognise that car drivers (more so drivers of truck size / weight SUVs) should have extra responsibility / liability with regards to injury to pedestrians and cyclists and cyclists with regard to interactions with pedestrians.

Duncan, that's the way I see this instance, it was a disregard to the law and to others safety.  Would changing the law have prevented this particular disaster.

I'm thinking there should be a penalty for passengers who travel in a car where the driver is obviously over the limit, but in this case I recon the passenger would of been in that car anyway

Good comment Duncan.  What a devastating situation for the family and their friends.  I guess even alcolocks could be overcome with an assistant, but they might also be under the influence.

In today’s SMH, the executive director of (NSW) Centre for Road Safety, Bernard Carlon, referred to “lower the blood alcohol limit .....” and “Australia’s combination of low blood-alcohol limits and random breath testing - with 5.9 million roadside tests in 2019 - was seen as the best in the world”. Really?  
Regarding road design, in both Willoughby and Lane Cove local government areas l see locations where pedestrians have been killed but simple remedial measures have not been introduced.  In the latter council area they do fortunately retain substantial 60 year old melaleucas along the Pacific Highway though none on the Willoughby side.

Justice will be metered out. But we see it as punishment, not a deterrent. It would be good if it was. 

Is there any actual deterrent? Maybe some people can't be deterred.

During the tennis on Sunday night I watched some free to air tv for a change. I was shocked that power and speed were the themes in both of the car ads that were on.

Personally of the view that 30kph is a much more “survivable” speed limit around schools.


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