Hey guys,

I'm Matt, I've been a long time lurker but only recently signed up. I'm a freelance iOS developer from Maroubra and I recently launched an app I thought might be of interest to the community - Velocio. I conceived Velocio as essentially providing all the functionality of a standalone GPS cycle computer such a a Garmin for the price of a coffee using the iPhone hardware. It's designed for those cyclists who wants to track their commute or weekend bunch ride, share their favourite rides with friends, or monitor their training performance with intricate detail and beautifully presented analytics without splurging on a full-blown GPS unit. Velocio extends the iPhone’s Location Services to provide instantaneous analysis and feedback of your ride, updating more than once every second, all while going easy on the battery. By filtering location information Velocio records accurate and detailed waypoints. Each waypoint is processed to determine metrics such as speed, distance, pace, gradient, power and more - all available instantly on the dashboard while riding.

It's currently on sale on the App Store here for $2.99, please check it out, any and all feedback you have will be greatly appreciated!

Key features:

While riding you're presented with a beautiful heads up dashboard which provides instantaneous feedback of your performance. You can visualise your current speed on an underlaid direction aware map. Visit the site for an example video: http://veloc.io

Detailed Statistics:
Velocio captures over a dozen metrics every second of your ride. When you've finished drill down and analyse and explore your performance all within the app itself.

Velocio allows you to 'ghost race' any previous ride you've completed - in realtime. The position of your 'opponent' is updated on the dashboard map relative to your current time so you can always race your PB - this is incredibly fun for repeatable rides like your commute where you take the same route and want some extra incentive to push a bit harder.

Battery Life:
Velocio is careful to manage iPhone's battery life. The use of Location Services is optimised to be as light on the battery as possible. Battery drain is constantly monitored, allowing GPS power to be adjusted when necessary. These considerations ensure Velocio achieves far greater battery performance than similar apps. Using an iPhone 4S you could expect 6½ - 7 hours of battery life when running in the background. ~4 hours when using application with the dashboard display and map downloads. Also, you don't need to worry about chewing up your data plan. Running the app in the background requires no cellular connection.

One touch upload to veloc.io - the site I built in conjunction with the app - as well as Facebook, Strava and Twitter. Other services are coming soon. Ping me if you have a specific service you would like included! Here's an example of a ride completed by a friend down in Hobart: http://veloc.io/r/VqPeD

If you have any questions or comments add them here, or email me at matt@wearevagabonds.com or shoot me a tweet: @mattieryan

Thanks a lot guys. Enjoy the amazing weather this Easter weekend!



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Would be nice if you can make it for android phones. Not everyone likes or owns a iphone!

But more people own iPhones than Android, AND more people will spend money for apps on the iOS platform than Android.


If you were going to spend your time building an app, what market would you target ?

(only slightly trolling, the question is valid)

Android. But only because I'm a Java developer.

I thought android had a larger market share than iPhone? And is growing more strongly.

There are some stats around about growth, I think there are more Android devices "activated" every month in the US or something like that, but look around at what people are using you'll see that doesn't really reflect reality. 

But, if you talk to people who develop apps on the various platforms it's fairly well acknowledged that getting Android users to pay for apps is next to impossible whereas in the iPhone market nobody really thinks twice about spending $3 on an app if it looks good and reviews well.

So again, from a potential market perspective, if I were going to put my time into an app and wanted to sell it, it wouldn't be on Android.

(Which is waaaaaay off topic now and I'm going to shut up on the subject)

Although not a smart phone, I have an android tablet and would not hesitate paying $3 or more for a good cycling app...

would look a bit odd in your jersey pocket.

:)  I'd need to work out a way of attaching it to the handle-bar bag...Or seeing whether someone has devised a mounting bracket.  I would've thought an iphone in a jersey pocket was of limited value when using as real-time GPS?!  I have my non-smartphone GPS handle-bar mounted....

Sorry about the lack of Android - it wasn't a conscious decision :P

Essentially I built it for iPhone because I work as an iOS developer and am more familiar with the platform. Who knows if a bunch of people decide to buy it, and people want it for Android, I'd be keen to get some experience on that platform too. Damian does raise some good points though.

Nice work Matt. Will give it a look.

Awesome! Thanks Cate, please let me know how you go, and drop me a review on the store if you like it :D


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