Tonight as I rode home, there were 2 bicycle police stationed near the statue on the bend of the Anzac Bridge. Both were facing east watching all the bike and pedestrian traffic coming towards them. They were off the path, but still in that tight, awkward, fast corner you have to negotiate.

So, got me thinking what were they doing? Helmets, lights, bell inspections? Seemed to me a really hard spot to stop a rider - if you could even hear their instructions over the traffic you'd be going at a reasonable clip there to stop (and a scofflaw would get a decent head start down the hill if they were told to stop anyway).

Anyone else see them - was anyone fined? Was it just a show of force to riders and pedestrians on a heavily used path (A woman was assaulted there some time ago)? Not Pedro time again?

All strange. 

Bob - any ideas?

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Do you know the details of the assault?

I also rode past them last night. It was fairly dark when i passed through, so concluded that they probably weren't checking for bells, etc. 

I wondered if it was due to pedestrians being concerned about that particular pinch point? It's not a great design feature for a shared path, with blocked sight lines, a light fitting in the middle of the path, and a separate set of stairs joining from the north in a blind spot.  

Pedestrian complains about almost being hit by person on a bicycle - NSW Police are on the job! (also recently happened at pedestrian crossing in Five Dock).

Bike riders hit by motorist, caught on cam, nothing...

That section of Anzac Bridge is a complete farce. Plenty of incidents occur there, and further along on the right hand bend to Victoria Road.

With respect to the assault, there is only one cause of rapes and that is rapists - but I feel the path is poorly lit and not covered by CCTV which would be useful for when incidents/assaults occur and to also act as a deterrent for assaults and dangerous riding etc...


Yep - that's what it was. Police were there again tonight so I stopped for a chat. Apparently too many pedestrians had been hit there so they were asking/telling bike riders to slow down. 

One of the coppers told me it was a shared path with a 10K limit. I don't know that is correct and I also don't think those limits are enforceable, but I wasn't going to argue the point. 

Speed limit is same as for the rest of traffic on ANZAC Bridge.

Additionally, design speeds for shared paths are supposed to be 30.

Correct, the official speed limit is the same as the adjacent roadway, it is concerning that the cops are not aware of the law they are supposedly policing.

We've put it to RMS a number of times that they should remove the squeeze point and kink near the digger, and smooth out the line of the path. The last time was a few years ago when they were doing the anti suicide railings. They did lower the railing right at the digger, so sight lines were improved, but that was all.

If the crashes with pedestrians are all occurring there that would seem to be pretty good evidence the path needs some changes.

could be more crashes there if more people use the path up from under the Anzac Bridge to the Digger when they demolish the Beattie Bridge (the one over the CWL near Victoria Rd) as part of Westconnex.

It seems the vehicle bay, which is the reason for the kink, was formerly a bus stop: ( I had vague memories of it being a bus stop, but wasn't 100% sure until i found this photo. 

Now that it is not a bus stop anymore, i wonder if removing the vehicle bay would be an option? That would remove the kink and straighten out the shared path. 

Yes, that was our argument. RMS seemed to be of the view that a few arbitrary hazards are required to slow cyclists down, not exactly safe system approach. 

Another hazard there is the spiky uncapped railing tops west of the Digger, something RMS also won't address. 

This problem goes away if the old Glebe island bridge is reopened. So do the problems of high speeds against peds in the dip, the headlight blinding by oncoming cars when on the bridge, the altitude change that deters new cyclists, the 3 way intersection with bad sight lines near Vic Rd.  All it needs is some political, none of which is on the horizon.

 DG "Apparently too many pedestrians had been hit there so they were asking/telling bike riders to slow down."

If this is the case, what do the cyclists here think is the problem causing crashes?   Bob Moore suggested some aspects.

I don't know Anzac Bridge well myself.  I've never crossed it.  But looking at the pictures it really does seem to be far too narrow for a high traffic shared path.


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