Tonight as I rode home, there were 2 bicycle police stationed near the statue on the bend of the Anzac Bridge. Both were facing east watching all the bike and pedestrian traffic coming towards them. They were off the path, but still in that tight, awkward, fast corner you have to negotiate.

So, got me thinking what were they doing? Helmets, lights, bell inspections? Seemed to me a really hard spot to stop a rider - if you could even hear their instructions over the traffic you'd be going at a reasonable clip there to stop (and a scofflaw would get a decent head start down the hill if they were told to stop anyway).

Anyone else see them - was anyone fined? Was it just a show of force to riders and pedestrians on a heavily used path (A woman was assaulted there some time ago)? Not Pedro time again?

All strange. 

Bob - any ideas?

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That would be really good. 

I always thought that would eventually happen.

Preparations are being done to James Craig rd for the White Bay works site. No Parking was changed to No Stopping about a month ago (every day there's still a truck parked there!) and over the weekend the parking line has been removed and the divider lines moved to the middle of the road so both lanes are now wider.

Bonus for us so far is no dumped cars from accidents on the bridge and the associated broken glass and the slate, shale* etc that used to fall out of the trucks parked there is gone (seems they are cleaning it as well).

* lost two tires (not tubes) to sharp rocks along there

As I rode through that section with the pole in the middle of the lane last Friday, I saw the two bike cops with bikes on the left side, so slowed down a bit to see if there was anything going on. Anyhow, as normal for me, I went around the right side of the pole and they called out to me to "Hey.Ride on the left side of the lane!"

Ok, I geddit, but the left side is dangerous. Half way through the turn there's a speed hump while you're trying to squeeze though the gape while getting ready to make an abrupt left turn. It's a real shit move and almost every rider I've seen takes the wider, safer right lane around that pole..... as long as there are no pedestrians coming ahead.

So when you get to the bus stops in Rozelle they want you to keep left too?

Safer all round IMO  if they removed the pole and the rough concrete bollard/planter box on either side ( can't see them in the image) and realigned the guard rail on the left and made the path take a gentle curve through the old bus stop area. This is an old pic, before they lowered the railing on the left. Clearly showed how the railing was shielding oncoming cyclists from view.

Bob, we can live in hope as the opportunities for improvement are almost limitless but on past form and form with other cycleway changes and "improvements" the likelihood is that the minimum will be done and the post improvement may end up being worse. Seems to be one of the NSW government's core talents.

Brunetti bridge doesn't inspire confidence. Bridges around Sydney in general don't, from Tibby Cotter to Gladesville:(


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