Tonight as I rode home, there were 2 bicycle police stationed near the statue on the bend of the Anzac Bridge. Both were facing east watching all the bike and pedestrian traffic coming towards them. They were off the path, but still in that tight, awkward, fast corner you have to negotiate.

So, got me thinking what were they doing? Helmets, lights, bell inspections? Seemed to me a really hard spot to stop a rider - if you could even hear their instructions over the traffic you'd be going at a reasonable clip there to stop (and a scofflaw would get a decent head start down the hill if they were told to stop anyway).

Anyone else see them - was anyone fined? Was it just a show of force to riders and pedestrians on a heavily used path (A woman was assaulted there some time ago)? Not Pedro time again?

All strange. 

Bob - any ideas?

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And they were there again tonight making it 3 from 3. Must've been a really important pedestrian that was hit / complained. Or all the other crime is now solved. 

Mostly it is OK if a bit skinny for high traffic sharing as you say, with intrusions as well as the wiggles at the digger.

And folk want to stop for photos, as they naturally would.

I use it a lot, and have had no trouble. Then again, I know what the brake is for.

Westconnex plans are to demolish the  section of shared path from Victoria Rd to some point about half way to the  Digger so a new traffic lane onto the bridge can be fitted in. The shared path would then be rebuilt to the north of the new traffic lane, so could be widened and also raised up to reduce the dip, plus a connection built to the rail yard/White Bay. This would allow safety improvements to be made  in that section, but not near the Digger. But maybe this would be the time to have another go at that.

as for reopening the Glebe Island Bridge, it's not looking hopeful. The nearby White Bay area is to become a centre for Westconnex trucking and tunnel activities plus Sydney Ports is building a materials handling centre, so they'll have plenty of excuses for not allowing access.

Are we going to end up like Colleage st there the path is removed and the replacement path not provided?

Rereading what I wrote I guess I don't know the sequence of construction, hopefully they will put in the new path off the Victoria Rd bridge BEFORE they demolish the existing path. It could join up to the existing path about 100 m west of the digger, where the path has a wide section for no apparent reason- already looks they were planning this years ago, or a side link down to the Railyard.

The wide bit of the path leading up to the Anzac Bridge.

know that spot well, fixed a flat there a couple of weeks ago

There is a bike path that goes along the wharf and loops under and around joining back somewhere, might be at the Anzac statue

Shared path runs along James Craig Drive from The Crescent to a big roundabout just before the bridge, where it ens abruptly, and you have to join the single lane no shoulder  Sommerville Rd up a steep incline under the bridge, shared with Port and silo trucks, to get to a path that angles back to the left and up via a switchback and steepish curved ramp to indeed come out at the digger, at a blind T junction.

this used to be the way most people from Annandale got off and on to the Anzac Bridge before they built the Beattie footbridge down near Victoria Rd.  Da Munch is still going that way by his latest post. More might be using it when the Beattie Bridge gets demolished, but there will be a Railyards link  to Annandale we hope.

I recall before the construction of Beattie Bridge there being a shared path underpass that then ran along the southern side of the road pavement to where Beattie Bridge is currently located. The shared path underpass still exists and allows pedestrians/people riding bicycles to access the ANZAC memorial on the southern side. I think the road was widened from three lanes to four when that path was removed. 



Presumably they know they will need an interim facility while ANZAC Bridge gets re-arranged. I wonder if that will be use of the existing traffic lanes by cyclists & pedestrians.


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