The shared path on south side of Victoria Rd will be cut between Byrne St (first street after the Iron Cove Bridge) and  Springside St in October, when construction of the road tunnel under Rozelle to the Railyard starts. The crossing of Victoria Rd at Terry St will go too, as that is near where the tunnel portal will be.

So if you ride in on the new Iron Cove Bridge path you will face a diversion down Byrne St,, up Manning and back to Victoria Rd on Springside or Moodie. It’s quite a diversion, losing height then having to regain it. Probably better to use the old Iron Cove Bridge path and the shared path on the Northside of Victoria Rd, although there are the bus shelters  and cross streets to negotiate.

Other routes are going to require a rethink too. If heading to the Bay Run from Rozelle you should cross Vic Rd at Wellington St and go down via Moodie or Springside, I.e, avoid Terry St, or go down through Balmain Shores on Margaret St.

The contractor says they will put up Maps and detour signs. We (BNSW and IWBC) had a meeting with them today to discuss it all. There will be a site office on corner of Callan St soon, and they said they are happy for you to drop in if you have any queries. The main project office for the Rozelle Interchange project is on corner of Lilyfield Rd and Gordon, and they have Maps up about the Railyard and Victoria Rd tunnels and surface works, which includes demolition of the footbridges in 2020 and hopefully a new path under Victoria Rd to the Anzac Bridge approach path, which will itself be relocated so a new road lane can be added.

You might want to email RMS too and ask if they will fix all the long-standing issues on the north side shared path- bus shelters, driveways, cross streets etc. There is some hope, because one of the conditions of the Rozelle tunnels project is to provide a separated cycleway along Vic Rd through Rozelle. IW Council actually wants a whole lane for a bike path, taking Westconnex at their word when they said the tunnel would reduce traffic by 50,000 a day. 

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Thanks for the update Bob.  Demolition started along Vic Rd this week, with trees trimmed, asbestos removed, power connections taken down.  Lots of men in orange vests and some side streets closed.

For those that ride along Vic Rd, take it easy.

I thought there was talk of putting in a temporary cycle path behind the houses once they are removed?

I thought so too, but that is for pedestrians only they told us. Maybe cyclists will be able to walk bikes through if the detour down Byrne St is too much. But I’m thinking most cyclists from Gladesville or Drummoyne will use the old IC bridge and the path on the north side of Vic Rd. Could be wrong.

Getting on to the old Iron Cove Bridge is easy if you are on that side already, eg coming from Gladesville Bridge/East Drummoyne on Renwick St to Roseby St.  Harder if coming from the west of Victoria Rd. It’s a shared path between Day St and the old IC Bridge path, but you’ve got to get past the bus shelter after Park Av.  

Best bet is take the road (pick a gap between buses in the bus lane) from Park Av and hop off onto the bridge path just after Carey St, or get onto Renwick from Day St. The Roseby St route isn’t the greatest, the path that snakes down to Carey is narrow and drops you off on a slip lane corner, where you have to have good neck flexibility to look right over your shoulder.

if coming from the Bay Run, you could turn left at top of the ramp onto the new IC Bridge path, go up to Park Av, cross Park, cross Victoria, using bike lights, and use the bus lane when safe to get to Carey St. This might not appeal, but could be easier than diverting down Byrne St at the other end of the new IC Bridge.

I will use the road. Sod 'em. Take the lane.

Thanks for the info, Bob.

Sheesh, this whole thing is a cluster. Cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars cars ......

and trucks

Thanks for the update Bob. I was wondering.

I like your last Paragraph.


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