We have a few members from the far southern Sydney suburbs here who might like to respond, even maybe others as we might consider ourselves northern suburbs of the cycling Mecca of Melbourne?



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VicRoads has launched an online survey giving all Victorian road users the chance to provide their feedback on Victoria's cycling related road rules and road safety legislation.

Under Victoria's Road Safety Action Plan 2013-2016, VicRoads is currently reviewing and examining the Victorian cycling road safety road rules and road safety legislation. The aims of this review are to:

• identify opportunities to make it easier for people to take up riding and for current bike riders to use roads, and
• better protect bike riders’ and other road users' safety.

We are using many different methods to do this including getting feedback from cycling, walking and other road user stakeholders and community interest groups, examining the latest research and cycling crash statistics, and conducting surveys to get the views of the community.

VicRoads recently launched an online survey; giving the community the opportunity to provide feedback on Victoria's cycling road rules and legislation.

All road users, whether they are bike riders or not, are being encouraged to complete the survey which closes on July 27.


Survey at http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/1409014/Cycling-road-rules-survey-for...

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80% (mostly helmets I assume?), riding equipment rather than actual riding (red lights etc?)

See the way they've tried to conceal helmets in amongst the other 'cycling equipment' to try and mislead on what is by far the most frequent offence - failure to wear a bicycle helmet. I think that was the only mention of the helmet in the whole survey.


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