Violent road-rage incident erupts between driver and cyclist in Summer Hill, 6 Sep 2017

A violent road-rage incident between a driver and a cyclist that unfolded in Sydney's inner west has been caught on camera.

The video, shot by the cyclist, shows the driver of a Toyota Hilux unleashing a tirade of abuse against him.

The altercation, which was sparked by a minor collision between the cyclist and the driver, erupted on Grosvenor Crescent in Summer Hill about 7.50am on Wednesday.

The 45-year-old driver allegedly called the 23-year-old cyclist "Aussie scum" and repeatedly threatened him before allegedly striking him.

"I'm Lebanese mate, I'm going to f--- you," the driver is heard yelling at the cyclist.

"I'm going to f--- your life, you son of a bitch. I'm going to follow you, I am going to f--- your life."

"It is alleged the driver punched the cyclist," she said. "Investigations are continuing."

The driver, from Sydney's inner west, told Channel Nine's Today show that he slapped the cyclist after being provoked, and he regretted his actions.

"[He was] sticking his finger up, carrying on," he said.

"We were driving and I didn't hit him, then [he] got in front of me and he started riding slowly, sticking his finger up and then he took off, braked, and I was rolling in traffic and I hit his back tyre.

"It's not right. I didn't provoke it. I'm not a violent person."

The cyclist offered a different version of the story, telling Channel 9 the driver attacked him.

"He took my bike and threw it at me," he said.

The video ends with a shot of the cyclist's damaged bike lying in the gutter and the driver returning to his ute.

The driver is at Burwood Police Station where he is assisting officers with their investigation.

Police have appealed for any witnesses to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

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I'm sure the police will find a way to charge the cyclist for headbutting the guys fist...

Colour me surprised.

The police have thrown the book at the driver.

Driver charged after cyclist clash

he was charged with negligent driving (not occasioning death), common assault and stalk/intimidate intent fear physical harm.

The man has been given conditional bail and will appear at Burwood Local Court on 25 September 2017.

Good stuff.

and I hope he has to coughs up for the the bent rim and scratches on that bike

He used the car as a weapon, so shouldn't he also face terrorism charges as well? 

Yes. I am also expecting they will put bollards across the road so vehicles can not kill people there.

Like the ones they bolted onto Pyrmont Footbridge, I've seen similar bollards give way to cars parking, so I think it is more window dressing and a deterrent than something that would stop a determined attacked in a motor vehicle (or just some motorist not paying attention).


Nevermind the terrorism charge, what happened to Minimum Passing Distance ?

Or is he exempt because he never intended to 'pass' ? 

In which case, what about : Tailgating

(what on earth does 20 penalty units mean anyway?) 

or better yet, the $100,000 Predatory driving

I bet that one will make many drivers take notice and suddenly become aware of their legal requirement not to endanger others

"Nevermind the terrorism charge, what happened to Minimum Passing Distance ?"

Terrorism is a gaol sentence, MPD is a slap over the wrist. A bit of publicised gaol time might change attitudes.

No real chance of terrorism since IS didn't bother to claim credit for this event or the other 1,000 odd deaths annually.


Besides ;  gaol time in Australia is Club Med to others.

I say a $100,000 penalty will get a lot more drivers rapt attention

I hope they did something to prevent the offender from driving.

Also a thorough check of immigration status would be good, with a view to visa cancellation if there is  one.

Good news it is being taken seriously for once. 

Wait, what automation level are Toyota Hilux's these days? 

The 23-year-old cyclist was riding through Summer Hill in Sydney’s inner west at around 7.50am when he was hit by a Toyota Hilux and threatened by the driver, NSW police were told

Was it an experimental Hilux? This reads as if the car hit the cyclist of its own accord, the "driver" got angry about that and took it out on the cyclist. 

A quick look on the Toyota website confirms there are no autonomous Hilux's on sale, ergo I fixed this copy below:

The 23-year-old cyclist was riding through Summer Hill in Sydney’s inner west at around 7.50am when he was hit by a Toyota Hilux driven by a man who then threatened the cyclist, NSW police were told...

I was thinking reading comments on Facebook that if the attacker did not make the appalling racist comments people would be more "on the fence" about the incident aka what did the bike rider do to provoke the lovely driver.

Motorists really need to read up on the law. This guy could have run the rider down and claimed he thought he had room to safely pass and then he would not be facing any charges. Very sloppy motoring.


>Very sloppy motoring

Ha ha ha - urrghh (a very sardonic urrghh)


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