What the hell is going on at the western end of the PFB?

Almost completely blocked off - but I suspect frustrated pedestrians and riders will make short work of them come 5pm.

This can't be the work of CoS surely...


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Can you put up a pic?

I should of taken a pic but on way in to work cutting it fine.

Essentially they barricaded the cycling and pedestrian crossing on western end. With a chicane style opening one for pedestrians and one for cyclists. Totally unworkable for the level of traffic that will hit it on peak hour.

This morning peds took both the openings - to be fair these small openings are on the pedestrian side.

Or maybe bikes are banned from PFB for duration of Vivid...


The barriers are part of crowd management for Vivid Sydney. We're in discussions to get a better alternative for riders.

Sydney Cycleways Twitter

They may be there to protect crowds from a truck/car attack.


A couple of years ago I would have laughed off such a suggestion. Now I worry it's not enough...

As the guy next to me at the lights yesterday pointed out, they'd be full of water if they wanted to stop motor vehicles.

If not filled then you can move them eh.

As of lunch time today, they've now erected signs "Cyclists dismount" so it sounds like the bridge has been closed to cycling until after Livid.

Some times roads get closed to cars, some times bridges get closed to cyclists. Let's hope that after Livid the bridge is once again open to cyclists.

Cyclists must dismount.

So cyclists and pedestrians can both wait and watch motorists run the red and endanger pedestrians almost every cycle on the right arrow.

Please forgive my cynicism. But I can't help but think that genuine management for an event with so many pedestrians would also include restrictions on motor vehicles carrying a relatively minuscule number of people through the adjacent intersection. To my mind. both pedestrians and riders are getting a raw deal.

Seeing vivid by bike should be possible, and if the cycling route has to be closed then there should be a safe and expeditious alternative put in for cyclists.

Besides, I doubt the place will be chockers with vivid watchers 24hr/day.

"dismount" signage is usually advisory. There's no offence for non-compliance unless there's something else preventing legal cycling such as a ped crossing. Excluding cycling requires a different sign- the red circle one.


There aren't going to be any vivid crowds around (much) before sunset, or in the mornings - why not dismount 5pm to 2am ?

Even better - why not close of Murray St to cars at the Southern end for the duration of the festival?

Not happy Jan.


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