What the hell is going on at the western end of the PFB?

Almost completely blocked off - but I suspect frustrated pedestrians and riders will make short work of them come 5pm.

This can't be the work of CoS surely...


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Yes I think there's no question these incidents are going to result in new measures to remove motor vehicles from people spaces. Expect bollards to go up everywhere.

Yes, the weapon of choice of many people need to be segregated.

Australian road authorities have particularly good legislated legal defenses against negligence.  They'd be in more legal danger putting up bollards that fail to stop an attack (or injure and kill cyclists and joggers) than they would be failing to do anything at all.  ie they have to do the job really well or not at all.

I don't think there will be much hurry for more permanent measures from any governments either, it will mostly be an issue for event promoters who lack the legal protections councils and other road authorities have, and who are thus being leaned on by councils, the police and their own insurers in order to be able to run events. 

I think it's more the *political* consequences rather than legal that will bring about these changes.

Eg: Imagine after an attack, an opposition saying "your government knew about the risks to these public spaces, and did nothing"
the Vivid managers have apparently gone to some trouble to prevent any more drownings like the recent case when a young tourist fell off the edge into Darling Harbour and no one noticed. My wife reports it is quite difficult to traverse parts of Darling Harbour due to all the crowd controls.

Contrasts with CoS attitudes to hazards on bike paths, such as numerous trip hazards, unprotected drop offs etc, you are just expected to ride slowly and avoid them, if you know they are there. Poor wife came to grief today on the Blackwattle Bay path. She went off the path to get around some pedestrians and caught her wheel on exposed steel path edging when trying to return to the path. Spectacular side dismount, badly bruised hip and a head bang. Near Cook St if any coS officers reading.
This on the PB to King St link lobbed in to my email from Ventia Boral, must have got on their mailing list. Could make cycling and walking quite difficult if they narrow the path down while working. They don't even mention it is a shared path.

Work on the Western Distributor pedestrian path, Sydney, from Wednesday 14 June
The NSW Government is funding this essential maintenance work under its $1.5 billion program to maintain and improve the 18,028 kilometre state road and bridge network.
Roads and Maritime Services will be repairing and replacing damaged panels and painting the pedestrian rails on the Western Distributor pedestrian path between Pyrmont pedestrian bridge and Sussex Street, Sydney. We have included a map to show the location of the work.
Our maintenance work aims to prevent or minimise damage to roads and bridges from weather and wear and tear to make them safer, provide consistent surface conditions and reduce maintenance costs in the long term.
Our work schedule
We will be on site for 30 shifts between Wednesday 14 June and Friday 8 September, excluding public holidays, weather permitting. Our work hours will be between 9.30am and 4pm from Monday to Friday.
How will the work affect you?
Our work may be noisy at times but we will do everything we can to minimise its impact.
Partial closures of the pedestrian footpath will be in place. Please follow signs and the directions of workers.
If you have any questions, please contact our delivery partner, Ventia Boral Amey Joint Venture, on 1800 677 700 or nswenquiries@vbajv.com.au.
For more information on our projects, visit rms.nsw.gov.au."

"Good Afternoon
I would like to once again thank you for your
e-mail to Vivid Sydney in regards to Pyrmont
I wanted to follow up personally in regards to
your e-mail. 
On receipt of your e-mail there was a review
completed in regards to the access to this area and
appropriate actions were taken to provide better pathways
and access to the Pyrmont Bridge. 
We apologise for the inconvenience that the
infrastructure caused and we hope that the changes made
assisted with access to this area. 
Should you wish to discuss the matter further
please do not hesitate in contacting me
Thank you. "


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