Vote Peter Madden! Christian Democratic Party!

Yeah, get rid of all those nasty bike lanes. They are KILLING businesses.


My better half saw a billboard promoting this particular policy in Sydney yesterday. What an idiot (Not her!)


The bike lanes introduced into Sydney are causing havoc for business owners, public transport and general traffic. If elected, I will work to make this a state Government issue, to overrule Clover Moore and the City Of Sydney's very poor judgment on this very controversial issue and shut down bike lanes where they are adversely affecting business, transport and traffic.


And if that's not annoying enough, he seems to be obsessed with gays, he's basically an incredibly dislikable bloke.


ARE YOU OVER CLOVER & THE GREENS? I stand as an Antidote to Clover Moore and the 'Water Melon Party'!
The Greens may be green on the outside, but on the inside they're RED, pagan and a front for the  homosexual lobby! I stand to expose the dark truths behind the nice, environmental veneer of this party that threatens the very foundations of our nation!

Deep breath before you click...

Nice place to interact with him there.


My issue is not really with this nutcase, but with the anti-bike propoganda that's been plastered around "Bike lanes are bad", now whilst 99.99% of people won't vote for him, they do have to read that message, and the fact that anyone things it's a viable one as a vote-winner...

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I'm ashamed and embarrassed that I've taken this long to remember to post this...

saw a jesus delivers tee a few times. Obviously in context. Jesus as a bike courier.
Are those possibly the fabled birkenstock SPD's being modelled by our lord, or an early hebrew prototype??
Gosh, how do all the Christians in the community feel about this?

All throughout history there have been self obsessed people and organisations that use the crutch of religion to manipulate and control others. This guy is merely someone who goes to church on Sunday (I assume) and once he walks out the door he is back to his life of self.


What has anything he just said got to do with anything jesus said or did???

Maybe he is an example of what not to do.... Or a political caricature of a pharisee? those dudes who petitioned succesfully to kill jesus.

Can't wait to see people with perfect love which casts out all fear (fear of :- reds, pagans, clover moors, homosexuals, bike paths, dark truths, environmental veneers). It would be nice to see politicians loving their enemies, neighbours as they do themselves. praying behind closed doors. Not judging for fear of being judged by the same measure.. sharing food with hungry, clothing, possessions (roads) with those in need, welcoming strangers, visiting those who are sick and in prison.....


Life would be easier if people did good things rather than claiming themselves to be good things.


Yes and tithing half their salaries and pensions to charity.

Can't wait to see people with perfect love which casts out all fear (fear of :- reds, pagans, clover moors, homosexuals, bike paths, dark truths, environmental veneers).


You'll find Quakerism at the roots of Greenpeace, CND, Amnesty International, the Suffragette movement etc, or at least have/had a disproportionate number of quakers in their membership.


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