Something I'm very proud to be associated with, I could rewrite this but the press release says it pretty well.



Australia’s major cycling organisations have joined forces to create an election platform and give Australia’s four million bike riders a voice in the 2013 election.
The Vote4Cycling election campaign was launched today by the first ever partnership of 22 national, state and community cycling organisations from around the country.

The group maintains cycling is now one of the largest constituencies in this country, growing rapidly, and deserves a place at the policy table.
Vote4Cycling spokesman, Stephen Hodge, said: “The political parties have to realise that a huge number of Australians are now riding bikes and they want their concerns recognised and addressed.

‘There is a groundswell and shift in public opinion for cycling underway and we will be contacting as many candidates as possible around the country and asking them to post their positions on the Vote4Cycling website,

‘We will present the names collected in our online Vote4Cycling campaign to the leaders of all major parties during the election campaign in the hope we can secure multi-party support and commitment for our policy proposals.’

‘We encourage everyone, whether a cyclist or not, to visit Vote4Cycling, sign theVote4Cycling petition and have a look at what your local candidate plans to do in your local electorate.’

The campaign is driven by a web-based policy portal, which invites candidates to register their policies for cycling, an online ‘I Vote4Cycling’ petition for the public, Vote4Cycling election policy proposal and coverage of major party policies for cycling.

Vote4Cycling key facts:

  •          The website can be found at
  •          National ‘I Vote4Cycling’ online petition.
  •          Opportunity for all 740+ candidates in the election to post their policies and promises
  •          Secure, dedicated webpages via a login provided to every candidate.

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BIKESydney is also excited to be involved in shaping the discussion.


1. Note the campaign's Position Paper

2. Sign up to the "Count me in" petition/eNewsletter at the bottom of that page

3. Note and pump the Twitter handles:  #vote4cycling    @vote4cycling

4. Email your local MP with a request to have them submit to their cycling policies to the vote4cycling website

Search feature yields no results. Is this because there are No replies so far from 750 candidates?
or am I missing something?

Looks like about the only thing that can be done now is "count me in"

Or pester your local candidates to get some information up. I know what I'll be doing tonight...

Correct Peter. Candidates (MP's and staffers) are being approached this week. Our alerting everyone to the website (itself, a work in progress) is to prime the pump and get the community a) signed up and visible and b) contacting candidates directly to provoke their input. 

So, yes, please do "Count me in" but it wouldn't hurt to also send a very short, simple email to your local MP and election candidates encouraging them to "...announce their policy position on cycling to the Vote4Cycling website" (promoted through cycling bodies throughout Australia). 

Hmmm good campaign but the local member is Mr A-bott so expect more of the same: nothing, anyway will bang off something to the office.

That said Mr Paul J Keating has been very quiet of late and maybe in need of a new crusade?

Nonetheless, if it were to be that Abbott provided a "null response", it would be highly valuable to capture that on the public record (ie, the vote4Cycling website). Please DO ask him for a response.

It would also be fun to see if Paolo Keating could be enticed to respond. If you're inclined, it appears that PK sits at the end of a phone just waiting for opps to speak out..

I've signed up, but will want to cancel subscription etc. if I get so much as a hint of a PM "selfie" from krudds staffers.

Have they got a Vote4Cycling sticker to put on all the candidate posters now adorning our streets?

Or a helmet sticker?

Actually, shouldnt it be Vote1Bicycle?

I have only glanced at the site but I presume that the best chance is a senate seat, like the NSW shooters party.
And if they can hold the balance of power...

But the senate is all about preference deals, so the need to wheel and deal?

Damn good idea. Go single issue upper house etc.

Meanwhile while today was all about asking the pollies will do for us - Channel Seven's Sunday Night is going to say there is a war on our roads between cyclists and motorists. - makes me sick that we still have put up with the media saying there is a war - when we are just going for home to work - work to home peacefully. The solution to any conflict is separation.


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