Want a job promoting transport cycling? BikeWise is hiring.

Are you BikeWise? We are expanding the team and need some new casual cycling instructors!

We are looking for people who embody our philosophy of normalising the bicycle as a means of transport and who, above all, are great communicators. The more experience you have on the bike or in teaching the better, but enthusiasm and affability count for a lot too.

Some of our instructors work on one course a month. Others are working three or four a week. Most are somewhere in the middle. We run courses for small kids learning to ride for the first time, for school groups and for adults getting back on to bikes and wanting to get out on the road. We pay well above award rates, your training is paid time too, and we are a really friendly bunch.

We expect all of our applicants to have completed our Cycling in the City course already, so if you haven't done it book in!

If you are interested or have any questions get in touch with me at getbikewise@gmail.com. We are hoping to start successful candidates before the end of the month, so don't delay!

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