So barely a few months have passed since we sold our two neglected, unused bikes (due to having a baby) when I have started a new job on Anzac Parade, and I want need to start cycling to and from work.

Part of the reason we sold our bikes was because we were that desperate for cash (we ended up getting just under $200 for the pair) and our situation now isn't much different...

I'm looking for an easy commuter for $50 or under - doesn't have to be immaculate, but as long as it gets me from Potts Point to Moore Park without falling apart or causing injury, that'll do the job. Also no fixies. I don't mind if the gears are (temporarily) out of order but I'm too old to learn to ride a fixie.

I've found a 5-year-old Avanti on ebay which I've bid on but I expect it to sell for somewhere outside my budget.

Any help appreciated


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I think I'm better off walking!

In all seriousness gumtree is full of ex department store bikes, and maybe some older hybrids in that price range.  Would be a lot of work to find an actual road bike below $100, and certainly not without relatively archaic parts.

You can almost certainly find an unridden $50 bike that does work properly if you are patient, though you'd have to budget your looking-at-bikes time somehow.

Other issues are that you might still have a helmet, and you will need lights to get home.  If you are sensitive to road traffic when using a slow bike you can use bourke st, but that carries the risk of riding through a revenue blitz day if you don't have lights.

Happy to shell out for lights - might even have some generic ones that came with my partner's Reid; I do have my helmet still. 

I'll keep an eye on gumtree but didnt find anything yesterday. 

I'm confident enough in traffic; don't mind coming down Victoria Street and onto Flinders then share path to Centennial.


Found quite a few gas-pipe steel road bikes for under $100 on gumtree.

This one is an old bike shop brand (bike shop itself still exists), has downtube shifters, which means some chance this frame is a bit lighter than a gas-pipe lump like a repco traveler.  looks garage stored.

too small for me - might be too small for you.

alloy frame, STI shifters, 700c wheels etc, though be aware its plainly outdoor stored and weathered as a result.

about $30 to get a bike shop to fix that rear wheel, but couldn't guarantee you it won't break more spokes.  would need new cables, and the drivetrain would need inspection, chain might function after soaking, but it and the cassette might also be worn out.

Although the Nunnery don't sell cheap used bikes, they would surely put you touch with someone who does.

Another option is a home based bike recycler in Blaxland. The stock is shown on the street frontage, almost opposite the station. Not far from the tip, I daresay that's where stock might originate prior to repair.

Fear not the fixie: I am 56 & ride a singlespeed. Not making babies any more though. There's a family owned Apollo Bicycle Shaped Object downstairs that has no more love as the gears are kaput; it was uneconomic to re-gear it at around 4x your budget. Happy to ask the family principal if he's happy for it to go to someone minded to gear-up later.

Thanks for your tips/advice.

Just decided to sell the car instead of fixing it so the Bike budget has gone up to $200... Good times! Advice still welcome now that the budget has gone up - or if anyone is at n-1 and willing to let it go for $200..?? 

Good decision ditching the money-sucking car eh.

Take a look at The Bower at Marrickville, they had a few "refurbished" bikes last week. You could also try the St Peter's Cycle Works on the highway at St Peter's.

There are a couple of nice looking roadies on Gumtree now, including a rebuilt Clamont that looks schmicko!

How did you go with this so far?

and do you have a particular size range Mike?

Thanks for the reply - I've ended up buying a Schwinn World Street from Cash Converters... not the best resource for good value but it was a bit of an impulse buy as it came with Continentals, Pannier rack, upgraded seat, mudguards and they took $50 because I told them the rear brake was broken (in actual fact, it wasn't connected).

Hardly the bike of my dreams but with a nearly-3-year-old daughter I need something that can take a child seat and is a bit more grippy in the wet than my old Cell Swift.


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