Wanted: Someone who belongs to a car-sharing scheme and is prepared to talk about it

Hi all

I'm writing an article for the Sydney Morning Herald/The Age Money section on car-sharing schemes and I am looking for someone who uses a car-sharing scheme who is prepared to talk about why, what it costs them, any unexpected costs etc. It would mean your name going in the paper and ideally you would be willing to have a photo taken too. I need more than one case study so if you are prepared to chat but not have a photo that could be good too.

I'm a cyclist myself who has just joined a car-sharing scheme - which is why I thought it would be an interesting article to work on.

If you think you could help could you drop me a line at kittyconnectionATgmail.com

Also the person can live in Sydney or Melbourne. So any Melbourne cyclists who fill the bill would be great too

Thanks and Merry Christmas

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Sorry Christine, I can't help you.

But can I suggest using your Fairfax email instead of gmail? I'm sure you have your reasons, but it will come across as more trustworthy.

I thought "Fairfax journalists" were an extinct (or at least endangered) species? Christine I suspect you're a freelance hired gun, but to Tim's point a number of people round these here parts are sometimes a bit skeptical about handing over statements to the meeja and having them misrepresented, although moreso if the story is cycling-related. So if you are from Fairfax, then at least reply to them from your Fairfax email address (if you have one).

Or get Mr O's endorsement!

Hi guys Just to clarify something most freelancers wouldn't have a Fairfax email address. It is only if you are on staff that you get a Fairfax address - and they are definitely an endangered species. Cheers Christine

It hadn't occurred to me that you may be a freelancer. Thanks for the clarification. 

It is only if you are on staff that you get a Fairfax address - and they are definitely an endangered species

And it's a damn shame - I've always enjoyed the broadsheet.

I get your spam issue Christine. But for the sake of sharing responses I prefer to post mine since my car share and probably a few others' here is unconventional.

I 'belong' to two car share schemes. One is Hertz, which thanks to the corporate situation is $42/day.

The other is my neighbours- they use my stuff and I use theirs.

And sometimes I use their car so I can do stuff for them, or for another neighbour :-)

Exceptional tho, nearly everything is done on 2 wheels or PT

Email sent.


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