Warning for those around the Iron Cove Bay area

If you ride near the Iron Cove Bay (around the bay), a warning to watch out for a guy in a navy blue mazda 121 - the "jelly bean" model - with decaying paint job.

I was on Henly Marine drive just past Brent St heading towards Dobroyd Pde. I was behind a bus and car, doing 35kmh, when this guy comes up from behind me buzzing close to my back wheel, beeping his horn and yelling abuse at me, telling me to get off the road (amongst other things). He was going off bigtime!

God knows why, it's not like I was holding him up, or doing anything other than just riding near the road edge...

Further down the road after the bus has turned off, I make it onto the bike path and leave the road (at the Rodd Park carpark). This guy doesn't stop, driving along side the path still yelling abuse.

Apparently, "women like real men who drive", and don't like "guys with seats up their ar$e"... who knew? Further up the road he pulls up and jumps out of his car and runs at me, but is nowhere near me when I go past on the path.

He then follows me on the path (him on the road, and onto Dobroyd Pde) for nearly another full kilometre yelling abuse - telling me to get on the road so he can run me over... Not until where the path and road diverge leading to Lilydale rd did this end.

Clearly one angry soul! And one to watch out for if you're in the region.

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Insane! Why isn't there a sanity check for registering operators of fatality/injury causing machinery?

And clearly he wasn't in a rush as he had a lot of time to spend for his daily/weekly dose of exercise

I wish you had some camera footage

That meets the definition of Menacing Driving. You running a camera?

driving with undue care, reckless endangerment, etc...

Camera response below

I got heavily abused there recently too, when riding on the road rather than the path. It seems to get some people really inflamed. I was going to turn off HM Drive left up a side street on the other side of the road to the shared path so, in absence of any convenient crossing facilities, I chose to ride on the road. Motorists don't seem to understand a cyclist might live up a side street or want to get somewhere via that street. And there is no law that says you have to use the path,anyway, which is often crowded and no place for a cyclist doing over about 15 or 20, or less, dep on conditions.

If not much traffic about, which is most of the time, I don't know why some motorists get irate about cyclists using the road. And if there is a lot of traffic, it's their problem for using a rat run rather than Lyons Rd or other arterial.

For every ride I plan to spend mostly on the road I now run cameras every time. I stopped doing this a few years back as (mostly) nothing happens - until about 18 months ago when a serious nut case close passed me and then stopped and got out of the car wanting to fight me (my crime was refusing to cycle on the road shoulder that had parked cars every 10 metres or so). It was a wet Friday afternoon around 4 o'clock ... the tradie in the ute had likely been drinking since lunchtime as rain would have stopped work. Anyway, I (again) now run cameras every time.

Of course cameras wont actually stop nut-cases like this but, I figure, if I'm going to get beaten up/run over it would be nice to have some evidence that I didn't start it and was actually just riding along minding my own business.

Despite them not helping in any Police case, I roll with front and rear cameras, but I get more pleasure from it than anything. Laughed at how hard I dropped a Cat6 wheel sucker the other day - only to see them giving me the finger in the increasing distance. Funny!

I have my Fly6 mounted very prominently on the rear of my bag rack. They have the little led circling the lens when operating which draws people's attention to it. Whether it has had an effect or not, I have had a lot less aggro from behind, in fact I have been surprised just how accomodating people are being. I had someone having go, then when they got close they just stopped in a split second. Conincidence perhaps, but I have my theories...

And this weeks hall of fame > is the new black Ford Focus' driver here (with LED lights, and, a bit of a giveaway here... roof bike racks). Nice shepherd of me along O'Connell/Chuter the other day. Happy riding comrade!  

No camera, but have thought about it previously.

Really wish I had one for this so I could have got his rego and shown the police.

Recommendations? Was looking at the Fly6, as I really don't want to do the block-on-top gopro...

Fly6 is very discrete and comes recommended by a lot of people. However, I use a Contour HD Camera attached to my pannier for a rear camera (you just have to remember to wipe the card every now and then) and a Contour on my helmet too.

Contour out of business

+1 for the Fly6.

I am running a Contour on the front bar until I get my Fly12. The Kickstarter campaign for the 12 funded overnight. Anticipated end of year delivery. Fly12 might even come with an alarm as well as combined front cam/light. Bit exxy retail though.


Rear : Fly6

Helmet : Replay XD 1080 mini all weather option / or Mobius if the intention is for dry rides.

Handlebar mounted , I don't run one, but Rideye or Fly12 seem like options (Kickstarter has 30mins to go)

Thread : http://www.sydneycyclist.com/forum/topics/need-video-camera-for-bik...

I cop abuse riding on road there too. Shall keep an eye out for the vehicle


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