Get out while you can:)

Of course this may be a bit late....

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It managed to get rid of my boss fairly quick smart:)
I got all wet coming home but thankfully my backpack stayed totally dry so my laptop was safe.
Oh! The frustration!

This is what I have been waiting for for weeks. Swishyness. I've been lusting after swishyness ever since Freewheelin' Franklin raised it here. So what's happened since I bought a bike with mudguards?

Dryness. Day after day of dryness. I've had the new bike for over 6 weeks, and not a hint of rain.

This morning, as I'm not carrying much, I decide to ride the fixie. It was looking a bit lonely and unloved. I had a great ride into work. I love my fixie.

But then! Come to leave work, and there's a downpour. A true, honest-to-god downpour going on right then. Endless opportunities for swishyness - except that I'm on the wrong bike.

By the time I got home, it had stopped. So I couldn't even swap bikes and go out again.
Quick read of MET's web page should be part of your pre-ride routine. Forgotten already? ;)

... And it's a wall of WIND today!
...Which has brought with it a wall of dust! This sucks!
The sky is an eerie shade of orange right now.
and you can actually smell the dust :( no riding today
Swishyness still = a soggy salsa.
I need to find some nice wide mudflaps to fit my crud-gruards.
BTW the best 40 cents I have spent was on a rubber O ring from the hardware. (Size 4 (maybe)) drop one on your seat tube and in the wet it keeps the drips out of the seat tube.
Once it starts rrrruuuusssstttt never sleeps ( even on a salsa)....


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