This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, which is, cyclists are often their own worst enemies.

I’ve been trying to work up an acronym, best I can do is ‘‘IARAB’’, sounds a bit Semitic but it stands for ‘‘I Also Ride A Bike...’’

This is usually followed by ‘‘but’’, and then a whinge about things other cyclists do. Granted, this approach is usually by the casual cyclist, who maybe trundles off to the shops or with the kids along the beachfront once a week.

But there is a lot of mutual distrust and loathing in the keener echelons (pelotons?) of the cycling community as well, isn’t there?

So - JUST FOR FUN - have you any thoughts about the warring tribes of two-wheelers? One example per post, don’t hog all the fun at once, I’ll start the wheel roling with a few:

Lycra vs Mufti

Logos vs no-logos

Roadies vs those idiots on knobbly tyres who hoon around on nice walking paths and seem to somehow LIKE falling off a bike :-)

And also ... any idea how to curtail all this silliness? In the words of a certain prolific poster, can’t we all just get along ....?

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Reply by Mark Lambert 33 minutes ago

"well here is what I tried to post:

I think it depends on the bike that I am riding at the particular time. For instance,
When I am riding the Cabby, I don't like Hipsters on Fixies.
When I am riding the foldie, I have a low opinion of Hipsters on Fixies.
When I am riding the singlespeed, I feel nothing but contempt for Hipsters on Fixies.

So you see, it really varies depending on what you are riding."
Too true Mark.

And when I drive my car I get p%##ed off by cyclists in my lane. ;-)
When I'm riding my Fixie.... I AM GOD ON EARTH!
OK mate, with tongue firmly in cheek ...

I hate cyclists who have more than one bike:
- too much money to buy them,
- too much time to ride and service them,
- and too much space to store them!

Slagging off road racers is too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel. Over to you Magda.


-too much money to buy them

Unless you get them from council cleanups...

With tongue wedged in cheek, I submit this:

The "Tour de France dressups" brigade pretty much sneer at every other type of cyclist. A uniquely AU/US phenomenon in my experience.
Oh and Responsible Commuters V Ninjas
Now we're getting there!
I Also Ride a Bike, but hate cyclists who think that cycling is nothing but a sport, and that people riding from A to B on a cheap bike are not "real cyclists" and are not doing cycling "properly".

But seriously (actually the bit above is serious), as somebody whose bike riding has always been 95% about getting from A to B, I find I have very little in common with people who ride for sport/fitness/recreation. I don't have anything against them, but they may as well be golf fanatics in terms of commonality with me.

The reality is that we're not all in this together.
This one would have to fall into the "or what" category Kyles!

Yes, Kylie, I definitely sniff a "rise-fishing" exercise here.
Is this the same MadameBike who recently wrote:

"I totally agree Michael. When my husband rides a MTB, the guys he rides with all wear Ground Effect clothing, MTB shoes, Camelbacks on their backs, first aid kits, spare spokes, big tool kits, etc.

When they get on their road bikes, they wear European jerseys, road shoes, different gloves, wouldn't dream of wearing a back pack (and not usually two water bottles either), a couple of band-aids if your lucky, etc, etc. - even for a long ride into the countryside.

I understand the reasons for the different gear and equipment on the different occasions, but so much of it is about "image" IMO. It's like you're "not allowed" to wear a Camelback, even if you're riding 100km of hills on a hot day. It's just not done."

I'm not trying to wind anyone up. On the contrary I wish to jest about how we see people ... and think that they view us ... and also how they see each other ...


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