This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, which is, cyclists are often their own worst enemies.

I’ve been trying to work up an acronym, best I can do is ‘‘IARAB’’, sounds a bit Semitic but it stands for ‘‘I Also Ride A Bike...’’

This is usually followed by ‘‘but’’, and then a whinge about things other cyclists do. Granted, this approach is usually by the casual cyclist, who maybe trundles off to the shops or with the kids along the beachfront once a week.

But there is a lot of mutual distrust and loathing in the keener echelons (pelotons?) of the cycling community as well, isn’t there?

So - JUST FOR FUN - have you any thoughts about the warring tribes of two-wheelers? One example per post, don’t hog all the fun at once, I’ll start the wheel roling with a few:

Lycra vs Mufti

Logos vs no-logos

Roadies vs those idiots on knobbly tyres who hoon around on nice walking paths and seem to somehow LIKE falling off a bike :-)

And also ... any idea how to curtail all this silliness? In the words of a certain prolific poster, can’t we all just get along ....?

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Those who measure their rides in hundreds of kilometres vs those who measure their rides in hundreds of metres?
MHLers v Copenhagenizers ...
BB v the Netherlands!

nothing annoys me more than those do-gooder cyclists who think cyclists should obey road rules, and stop at red lights. i mean, how ridiculous! :-)
Take the Lane Cyclist vs Cyclists who want cycle infrastructure like bi-directional cycleways =)
You mean those who want to take the fastest, most efficient route vs those who are treated as second-class citizens by their governments?
Just saying that there are those who think there should be no bike infrastructure and those that believe there should be bike infrastructure. Those that think that if you can't mix it with the cars on the road you shouldn't be riding at all. Baby steps with the taking a whole lane for a bi-directional cycleway BB - take one lane then take another later. 2 lanes north - 2 lanes south.
We should aim for two lanes on the harbour bridge - dedicated cycle lanes. Stuff the idea of a harbour link - take whole lanes.
Fixie riders v cyclists who like to be able to brake safely.
‘I Also Ride A Bike but I'm a casual , recreational rider vs those crazies who think that a bicycle is for getting from A to B or for exercise. I mean, that's what a car and a gym membership is for.

(re-re-edit, - no, not exact the same as Colins post, a third PoV , and much more politically correct :P )
Leg-shavers v pipe-cleaners!

(thanks John)
I may be missing the point here but I thought Michael’s idea was actually to show how silly some of our little tribalist attitudes are.


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