This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, which is, cyclists are often their own worst enemies.

I’ve been trying to work up an acronym, best I can do is ‘‘IARAB’’, sounds a bit Semitic but it stands for ‘‘I Also Ride A Bike...’’

This is usually followed by ‘‘but’’, and then a whinge about things other cyclists do. Granted, this approach is usually by the casual cyclist, who maybe trundles off to the shops or with the kids along the beachfront once a week.

But there is a lot of mutual distrust and loathing in the keener echelons (pelotons?) of the cycling community as well, isn’t there?

So - JUST FOR FUN - have you any thoughts about the warring tribes of two-wheelers? One example per post, don’t hog all the fun at once, I’ll start the wheel roling with a few:

Lycra vs Mufti

Logos vs no-logos

Roadies vs those idiots on knobbly tyres who hoon around on nice walking paths and seem to somehow LIKE falling off a bike :-)

And also ... any idea how to curtail all this silliness? In the words of a certain prolific poster, can’t we all just get along ....?

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Maybe your friend who resists the compact cranks really just does need to HTFU.
Too late for that. He's gone and got a girl and is all loved up.
The Nods vs Blanks - If I nod when I ride pass, nod back, don't stare
Racers vs non-competes - Apparently some people don't feel the urge to race when they see another bike
Queuers vs cutters - When you come in last at a set of lights and move to the front of the queue of cyclists, people are giving you death stares
Slow Lycra vs Fast Mufti - If you're dressed in Lyrca, you should ride faster than me.
Pushers vs Lifters - On the SHB steps, do you push your bike, or carry it up/down and take 10 times as long?
Cleats vs trainers - Seriously, I didn't realise cleats existed until some bloke in front of me couldn't get his foot off the pedal one day
Engineers vs Mudguards - Real men don't eat quiche
Bicycle messengers vs Fakengers
Fakengers - people actually do that? Why would you bother?
Well, according to messengers/ex-messengers, messengers know how to ride better than anyone else.

This would imply that they use the best bikes, wear the best gear etc.

Why wouldn't you copy them, if that is true?
Run the best red lights, ride up the best one way streets the wrong way...

I'll give them credit for doing the best track stands.

Am I a fakenger if i bought a messenger bag to cart my crap back and forward to the office on my Roadie??

People who ride in the rain vs people who don't
People who will use mudguards vs those who won't.
Trackstanders vs roadstanders
ha! was going to add this myself after my morning ride! Always provides me much amusement at the lights.


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