Warringah Rd new paths and overpasses near the Northern Beaches Hospital

Merry Christmas All!

Following from Neil A's Christmas Day post and his comments about the Northern Beaches Hospital roads fiasco, I thought it's worth a word about the new works around the area.

I rode to Brookvale yesterday via Mona Vale Rd and Forest Way and previously, I've run the Warringah Road gauntlet from Forest Way to Allambie Road - if it's early and in holiday season, it's not too scary - I somewhat jokingly call this stretch  "the Warringah Road Death Zone" - it's very cycle unfriendly - there's been no shoulder, no decent off road path and hellish fast traffic in every lane at most times of day - both directions.  

Anyway, yesterday, I got onto the new path on the eastern side of the Forest Way corner, rode to the new overpass just before the hospital, and then to Allambie Rd on the new path on the southern side of Warringah Rd. Then onto Warringah Rd for the downhill to Brookie.

It's a lot more friendly!

There are a lot more road changes coming up at the Warringah/Wakehust PWay intersection, but if the shared paths and overpasses are completed, and even extended, it will be 1000% better than it was in the past! 



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Is there an overpass at Wakehurst Parkway?

Not yet Bob. At the moment it's via pedestrian crossing.

The Wakehurst PWay / Warringah Rd intersection is still being built and the roadway will have a flyover straight over Wakehurst PWay, so eventually I imagine that cycles will be able to ride straight over - or not ... The cost of a cycle path on the flyover will probably kill it and riding the pedestrian crossing at the bottom will probably still be it...... 


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