WasteCon - St Peters Interchange, "Even I was staggered by how big that is"

Details of the WasteCon(nex) St Peters interchange and builders for stage 2 ("M5 tunnel from Beverly Hills to St Peters to open in 2019") were announced yesterday by saint god Dunc, and it is mega gross.

Dunc says "Those people that put effigies of me in Newtown should be treating me as a deity,"

Highlights include 1950s  Los Angeles style "spaghetti junction of motorway ramps" tastefully positioned in an "area that will be returned to the public as parkland" (nice when no part of the "park" will be more than metres from an elevated roadway and a 35 metre high ventilation stack, one of 3 along the route) and all this just across the road from Sydney Park which loses a 12m slice all along its southern side.

But we haven't been forgotten as there will be "up to seven kilometres of new cycleways and pedestrian walkways" that would provide a direct link from Mascot train station to Sydney Park.

I haven't yet examined any detail to determine impacts on the Bourke Rd cycleway but the Campbell Rd becomes four lanes and joins Bourke Rd via a bridge over the canal and if the "directlink  cycleways" start at Mascot Station there might be something else, maybe along the canal?.

All in all there might be some positives, hard for them to spend that many $billions and not get something but the net negatives are immense. All these projects turn out to be much uglier that the "artists" impressions so I expect it to be very bad.


Below Campbell Rd/St over the canal, Bourke Rd just off the bottom of the image, nice cycleway?
And some PR from WestConnex but not much meat

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Cycleways that were promised and didn't get built or got delayed could be a whole new discussion, eh?

From what I've seen along the Airport shared path, and from the images in yesterdays SMH article, there will be a mixed bag for cyclists. 

It appears that there will be an elevated shared path along Canal Rd to Rickety St (hooray! at last a Rickety St canal crossing). Bad news is that this shared path terminates just past the bridge into Sydney Park across Canal Rd. It also seems to have limited entry/exit points.

I'd expect Bourke Rd south of Campbell St extension to be torn up. 

As for the Airport shared path, it will now have a T-intersection smack bang in the middle of it. So expect a set of pedestrian lights. Oh, and a nasty little rise to get from the current path height to the new, raised height of the bridge. You'll see what I mean if you go for a ride along there. I expect an extended period where the airport shared path is un-usable while they finish the bridge at the end of Smith St (?) extension.

I hope (wish and pray) someone uses this opportunity to upgrade Coward St west with a separated cycleway. And extend the Airport cycleway along the canal to Rickety St. Hell, while we're at it why not extend it to Campbell St and link with whats left of Bourke Rd?

This government was on about sorting out actual networks up front was it not?

Hey Sydney, 1980's Los Angeles called, they want their traffic interchange back.

They can build all the roads they like there is still nowhere to park, certainly no-one will be wanting to stop within kilometres of that monstrosity anyway.

Dunc says "cycleway" I hear "biggest sceptic".

It's all sorted. They are getting rid of a handful of boat trailers. That'll sort the parking situation.

I'm just back in Sydney, having been away for work in the last few weeks, so might not have been paying as much attention as usual to anything beyond the really big local news stories (what a joy it was to hear about Operation Fortitude while overseas!). Hence:

"Those people that put effigies of me in Newtown should be treating me as a deity"

Can someone please tell me that Duncan Gay did not *actually* say this about himself? Hubris, much (and all the rest...)?

Paragraph 13 of the SMH story linked to above, maybe it is lies and part of the Herald Jihad that Peter Dutton claims?

"Those people that put effigies of me in Newtown should be treating me as a deity," he said.

Hubris and delusional and minister of the crown!

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely

He must be dislexic as well as stupid - confusing "god" instead of "dog"!

I think it's not hubris as much as an attempt to invoke support from his political base, who actively dislike cities, and especially inner-cities. It's important to Dunc that his supporters know that "people in Newtown" are against him.

That's a fair point, Colin - I also read it as him trying (hubristically) to say 'those of you in Newtown who hate me for this road project now won't believe after it's built how much less crowded your suburb will be after it's built - you'll thank me then' (?)...


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