WasteCon - St Peters Interchange, "Even I was staggered by how big that is"

Details of the WasteCon(nex) St Peters interchange and builders for stage 2 ("M5 tunnel from Beverly Hills to St Peters to open in 2019") were announced yesterday by saint god Dunc, and it is mega gross.

Dunc says "Those people that put effigies of me in Newtown should be treating me as a deity,"

Highlights include 1950s  Los Angeles style "spaghetti junction of motorway ramps" tastefully positioned in an "area that will be returned to the public as parkland" (nice when no part of the "park" will be more than metres from an elevated roadway and a 35 metre high ventilation stack, one of 3 along the route) and all this just across the road from Sydney Park which loses a 12m slice all along its southern side.

But we haven't been forgotten as there will be "up to seven kilometres of new cycleways and pedestrian walkways" that would provide a direct link from Mascot train station to Sydney Park.

I haven't yet examined any detail to determine impacts on the Bourke Rd cycleway but the Campbell Rd becomes four lanes and joins Bourke Rd via a bridge over the canal and if the "directlink  cycleways" start at Mascot Station there might be something else, maybe along the canal?.

All in all there might be some positives, hard for them to spend that many $billions and not get something but the net negatives are immense. All these projects turn out to be much uglier that the "artists" impressions so I expect it to be very bad.


Below Campbell Rd/St over the canal, Bourke Rd just off the bottom of the image, nice cycleway?
And some PR from WestConnex but not much meat

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For me the biggest positive will be the tolls to pay for it, not just tolling the Wastconnex itself but the alternative routes as well.


Who is being quoted as saying: "Even I was staggered by how big that is" and which bit of the project are they referring to?

A St Peters resident (and opponent of the "local roads upgrades") who was expecting it to be bad but was "staggered" as to just how bad / dominating / intrusive the actual plans are. (about paragraph 9 of the SMH article)

Inner-urban motorways are like centrifuges. They take activity, people, and business from the centre and spin them out to the edges. They fundamentally change the shape and distribution of stuff within the city

What does that mean for cycling? The inner-city is undergoing a massive transport cycling renaissance due to cycling's relative practicality in dense environments. But transport cycling is not practical in the outer suburbs, and so there is virtually none.

This motorway is a fundamental attack on cycling. The full effects will take decades.

pretty much

transport cycling is not practical in the outer suburbs

Parramatta seems to be doing well, but then it is a city.  It also does not have a Mayor that anyone is trying to get rid of.

Of course the "anyone trying to get rid of" being Liberal & Labor State governments, luminaries like the Upper House Shooters and Niles and tabloid media all of who want their puppet in the job, but not the anyone who have elected Clover, with increasing majorities, in 2004, 2008 & 2012.

There was mention of cycle connection to Mascot train station.  Is there any details on that?

That is news: Duncan Gay is a golden god. If you have a property within 1 km of this monster then sell, sell! What a disaster zone. Nice bit of greenwashing on the side with the cycleway.

Which of course they are unlikely to build...

Yep. I understand the "plans" for the M2 included a cycleway which was subsequently replaced with a breakdown lane.

Or the William St bikelanes put there when the Cross City tunnel was built, but then removed after a short while in order to add a car lane.

I wouldn't mind motorways so much if every bit of car capacity they added was removed from nearby local streets and replaced with bike capacity.


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