WasteCon - St Peters Interchange, "Even I was staggered by how big that is"

Details of the WasteCon(nex) St Peters interchange and builders for stage 2 ("M5 tunnel from Beverly Hills to St Peters to open in 2019") were announced yesterday by saint god Dunc, and it is mega gross.

Dunc says "Those people that put effigies of me in Newtown should be treating me as a deity,"

Highlights include 1950s  Los Angeles style "spaghetti junction of motorway ramps" tastefully positioned in an "area that will be returned to the public as parkland" (nice when no part of the "park" will be more than metres from an elevated roadway and a 35 metre high ventilation stack, one of 3 along the route) and all this just across the road from Sydney Park which loses a 12m slice all along its southern side.

But we haven't been forgotten as there will be "up to seven kilometres of new cycleways and pedestrian walkways" that would provide a direct link from Mascot train station to Sydney Park.

I haven't yet examined any detail to determine impacts on the Bourke Rd cycleway but the Campbell Rd becomes four lanes and joins Bourke Rd via a bridge over the canal and if the "directlink  cycleways" start at Mascot Station there might be something else, maybe along the canal?.

All in all there might be some positives, hard for them to spend that many $billions and not get something but the net negatives are immense. All these projects turn out to be much uglier that the "artists" impressions so I expect it to be very bad.


Below Campbell Rd/St over the canal, Bourke Rd just off the bottom of the image, nice cycleway?
And some PR from WestConnex but not much meat

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Nobody is ever denied the ability to own a car, but they might be denied the ability to park it for free on public land. That's no problem - private enterprise always responds by building parking stations to serve local residents. That's the way it is in Kings Cross, the Sydney CBD, Manhattan, etc.

The interchange has been designed to enforce the construction of another road - you can't even drive in on the M5, and pop out onto Anzac Bridge.  ie why bother even having the whole middle part of the waste connex if the traffic can't use 1 side of it.   It appears to be designed to fail to function unless a further unfunded tunnel is built ?

As far as the cycleway/shareway thing is concerned, the traffic engineers have gone beyond mere pointlessness into utter stupidity.   The monumental ability of NSW to build everything on the wrong side of the road every single time amazes me.

If the whole thing was built on the other side of the road, then it could be directly connected to bourke cycleway - which would then mean generalized cycle traffic would tend to be avoiding crossing the road which is now the exit of a motorway, and since they are fully realigning bourke st/rd, it could have stayed elevated until it crossed Gardeners road (thus further eliminating cross traffic from what is also the exit of a motorway).

If the whole thing was built on the other side of the road, it could stay elevated until it crossed the pac highway, therefore allowing the designers to reduce the total number of types of things working at ground level at the pac highway, (which is now also the exit of a motorway) and it would then be joined up to the cycleway that they intend putting alongside simpson park.

Is there some way that we can all get together, and put a revised plan in front of them that would make it possible for us to ride right the way over this mess AND increase the performance of the motorway by reducing traffic light cycles at the exits at the same time ?

Could be worth sending the suggestion to the WasteConnex 

Pretty sure the design is not set in concrete yet,

including cutting any cycle access altogether.

Makes sense to stay elevated past Gardeners Rd, the proposed crossing needed at end of Bourke Rd would be a real PIA.

What about them doing the unfinished Alexandria Canal extension too?

Dunc can't repress his inner rev-head http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/call-for-speed-limit-increase-on-the-paci... . I pity RMS staff who have to research one hare brained proposal (like licencing bicycles) after another.

The NT decision was the basis of an evidence based trial. Dunc and the RMS cant stand that sort of thinking.

There are about 30 or 40 at-grade crossings on the hume that I can think of, none of them are safe for traffic to approach at 120 on either side of the road - because you have the odd vehicle slowing to make the right turn in the right hand "overtaking" lane, and you have vehicles joining the highway by crossing through traffic and then merging into the right hand lane, and because of the escarpment that it climbs onto and travels along, the entire road has short sightlines (on average), and many of the at grade crossings are at the ends or beginnings of cuttings.

Also the hume is the only viable route between Marulan and Goulburn for every form of transport including bikes, and there are numerous bridges that lack a breakdown lane, which requires cyclists to merge into the general traffic lanes. 

As far as the evidence trial goes, the stuart has much lighter traffic and its much narrower and it typically has greater lines of sight, so if you intended to turn right or cross it, there probably won't be an approaching vehicle, and even if there was, you usually can see it from much further because the scenery its laid on is so flat.  there are very few cuttings and the like. 

ie safety issues with the hume do not reside in the details of the cars travelling along them, they reside in the fact that it is just not an autobahn. 

I rode Marulan > Goulburn and return late last year, and I don't recall any problem bridges in that section.  :-)  On the other hand, earlier this year I did have to join the traffic on narrow bridges between Gunning > Goulburn, and that was frightening, and of course the hoons had to change lanes which meant that they had to lean on their horns for 20 metres.

Yeah one of those bridges before Breadalbane is particularly bad - can take at least 5 minutes to get a gap on a busy day.  Can't go out with a truck anywhere behind you, because you usually can't see what is on the right behind the truck.

google maps

Example of one of the dangerous bridges between Marulan and Goulburn, its ok if you look back on approach with the descent speed and find no traffic, but if there is a truck coming - you can't see what vehicles are in the right lane behind the truck, and you and the truck don't fit safely entirely within the remaining space because of the stupid kerb.  So if you have to stop for a truck, it then becomes difficult to get a sufficient gap to get out safely and across.

Also in the dark, you need good headlights, because the stupid kerb is made from material that could just as easily be misinterpreted as the surface of a breakdown lane.

lately they've deliberately oversurfaced a lot of the breakdown lane with extremely rough material too - its now generally unpleasant to ride on in a lot of places.

Thanks Jason.  If you have the lat/long perhaps a few of us could write to the RMS to point out the problem and ask that at the very least they should put warning signs for cyclists and another for the tin pushers indicating that there could be bikes on the road ahead, as they have done at Tarro where Neil Smith was knocked off his bike and killed.

I'm aware of the bridges between  Goulburn -> Maurlan (I was heading north).  I think there are 2 to be careful of.  It caught me by surprise, I was riding downhill doing low 70s, from what I could see the bridge had a shoulder but I only discovered at the last moment that it doesn't have a shoulder as its raised concrete and it was too late to stop, I had to deviate onto the lane but fortunately the lane at that moment was occupied by responsible drivers.

They aren't a problem if you aware of them, you can slow down and wait for a gap in the traffic to cross

duncan gay, roads minister. is a prehistoric Muppet dinosaur tool

being paid off by big money 

has no idea , or care , whats going on, cause his time on our planet is limited.

its a total disgrace 

this project is chinese owened 

like most toll roads in australia

all linked to our australian superanuation money

google it 


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