NSW Plate BF36JL


Driver seems to think that he has a right to buzz cyclists if he perceives they're breaking the law. And his grasp of the law is pretty damn shaky. 

Oh, and if you happen to need waste collection services at any point, you might want to consider someone else. Someone whose drivers aren't going to kill someone on the way to a pickup, for example.


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Perhaps this was one of the friendly sevies they supply to their customers?   

Established for over 20 years, our dedicated and friendly team have provided effective waste management for commercial, residential and industrial clients.
Our team plan and execute solutions based on our clients’ needs, providing a professional, cost effective and rewarding experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key word "execute"?

Well, cycling is often a good "solution", so you may be right.

clearly a deranged psychopathic with a licence and machine to kill/

probably bipolar psycho 

typical bully thug related behavior 


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