After being a little nonplussed by traditional oil chain lubes out there, and being intrigued by stories of paraffin wax based lubes, I bought a bottle of Smoove Chain Lube and last night did the conversion - I cleaned and degreased by drivetrain, cleaned and degreased a brand new chain and Smooved them!

Smoove is South African and the favourite of SA Enduro MTBers who swear by it. Road bike applications should be way easier than MTB, hence my interest .... Smoove seems to be the winner in wax lube tests, claimed to last up to 900km between applications and possibly doubling chain life.

I soaked my new KMC chain in brake cleaner and shook it around for quite a time to get all the oil out of it, then scrubbed it down in truck cleaner and warm water to get the last traces of oil and grease out of it. Then in the warm oven to fully dry out.

Cassette and chain rings and jockey wheels all copped similar treatment to remove all traces of old style lube and dirt.

 It is quite watery and squirts on easily - into the middle of the chain while back pedalling. After a few moments it crept right through the chain and was visible between the side plates and leaking out around the pins. Then run up and down all the gears to spread it around, and big ring, little ring.

I had a look this morning and it's all dried out, clear and a little sticky.

First ride tomorrow!

I will keep you up to date with developments :-)


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Sounds interesting, i would like to hear what it's like after a few rides. I may give it a go.

With most of my riding on mtb i have tended to always grab a wet lube, but for road riding i found it collected every bit of road grit it possibly could and made the whole drivetrain a horrid mess in no time. In addition to avoiding cars, there seem to be other benefits to mtb :)

I have been giving the 'rock n roll' 'holy cow' lube a go, which runs somewhere between wet and dry (i think, never used dry lube). It is going well, but needs regular application otherwise it gets noisy fairly quickly. It has been great at keeping the chain and cassette clean, it seems to force any grit to the outside of the chain where it can be wiped off with a cloth. Certainly the longest i have ever gone without putting my chain through the degreaser. 

At some point i want to try something else, due to the regular applications required. Perhaps this wax based chain lube is the go? 

For a moment there I thought this was about wax, REAL wax, crockpot melted wax.

I got the real wax.... just never got around to actually doing anything with it

Since this is about wax lube stuff, I used to apply

Frankly I think they are all a muchness, apply something, anything and wipe it off.

Happy to be proven wrong... and where did you get your hands on the smoove/delivered? 

 where did you get your hands on the smoove/delivered?

Maybe from Big at $24.95, spend $75+ for free p&h.

Info & instructions from

I ordered direct from Lead Out Sports.

ta, Snowy_5 and John

It's at several NSW shops in my vicinity so no real requirement to get it delivered

( if there is a glowing review  ! ) 

This is the review I read that got me so interested .....

interesting review....11k out of a chain is pretty impressive. That said he is only getting 1 chain per cassette, i get three but also mainly use cheaper 9sp stuff.

I use real wax. Get a new chain boil it in water with degreaser, dry, dry a bit more - paper toil in oven, dump in hot wax for a few minutes, drain over pot for a bit and then onto a warm tray with paper for a bit more. Been doing  this for about 4 years and chains last heaps longer and don't attract shite.

I use dabba's suggestion below for top ups.

p.s on cyclingtips there is a popcast about this from about 6 months ago. After testing etc paraffin, plus teflon and something else was least amount of friction (about to donate snow board wax to bike chain as I'm pretty sure it's got all the right ingredients).

p.p.s I clean the wax by boiling it in water, like a 5 water : 1 wax ratio, let it cool and scoop of and let that dry really really well.

Maybe if I have a win with the Smoove I will start down the homebrew path later!

I used to do similar, cleaned chains and then put in a mixture of paraffin and bees wax. Chains last much longer and always very clean looking. No dirty hands when handling the chains.

But you had to redip before the wax worked its way out, maybe 500 km each time. I was riding so many km that it was a constant chore I ended up disliking.

Yeah I was travelling a similar path till Dabba's recommendation for lube (see below).

CT pod cast

You can buy a pre waxed chain from one of the guys in the pod cast above - forgotten what it's called? uwc maybe ???

p.s sorry to the pedants for the of off and toil'ed towel in my post above

I will keep you all informed of the performance.

I have been using Chain L and Morgan Blue Synth oils.

And removing the chain and degreasing fairly regularly. 

It would be great if this lived up to expectations and reduced the applications and eliminated chain removal and degreasing!


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