After being a little nonplussed by traditional oil chain lubes out there, and being intrigued by stories of paraffin wax based lubes, I bought a bottle of Smoove Chain Lube and last night did the conversion - I cleaned and degreased by drivetrain, cleaned and degreased a brand new chain and Smooved them!

Smoove is South African and the favourite of SA Enduro MTBers who swear by it. Road bike applications should be way easier than MTB, hence my interest .... Smoove seems to be the winner in wax lube tests, claimed to last up to 900km between applications and possibly doubling chain life.

I soaked my new KMC chain in brake cleaner and shook it around for quite a time to get all the oil out of it, then scrubbed it down in truck cleaner and warm water to get the last traces of oil and grease out of it. Then in the warm oven to fully dry out.

Cassette and chain rings and jockey wheels all copped similar treatment to remove all traces of old style lube and dirt.

 It is quite watery and squirts on easily - into the middle of the chain while back pedalling. After a few moments it crept right through the chain and was visible between the side plates and leaking out around the pins. Then run up and down all the gears to spread it around, and big ring, little ring.

I had a look this morning and it's all dried out, clear and a little sticky.

First ride tomorrow!

I will keep you up to date with developments :-)


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Whoops! Cleaned with kero, not metho.

I actually don't know what Smoove recommend as their re-application process. Just dribble more on when the chain gets noisy I think.

I gave the pedals a spin last night and shifted up and down through the gears now that the wax is dry. Wow it's quiet!

Probably commuting on Thursday so I'll get the first real feel of it. 

It looks like I've been doing this wrong for years! I normally just lube each link at the bottom of the chain run below the chain stay. They also have a vested interest in getting you to waste heaps of it by squirting it all over the chain and cassette. I'll stick to my 200-300k lube cycle rather than their (vested interest) more frequent use.

Absolutely! The lube i am currently using requires application every couple of days and the bottle is almost dry. 

Had anyone tried the Bike syrup chain lube yet as it was created and made in Aussie?

Bike Syrup is better than all the other wet fluid chain lubes because it:

  • Enables a very quiet drivetrain - stealth mode.
  • Incorporates cushioning extreme pressure additives which coat the metal surfaces reducing metal-metal wear.
  • Leaves a protective fluid coating on the inside and outside surfaces of the chain rollers, pins and plates.
  • Use a small amount - one drop on every 3-6 rollers.
  • Long lasting - up to 1000km or several weeks.
  • Preferred by long distance road and commuter cyclists.
  • Non-hazardous for easier transport and storage.
  • Proudly created and made in Australia..



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