After being a little nonplussed by traditional oil chain lubes out there, and being intrigued by stories of paraffin wax based lubes, I bought a bottle of Smoove Chain Lube and last night did the conversion - I cleaned and degreased by drivetrain, cleaned and degreased a brand new chain and Smooved them!

Smoove is South African and the favourite of SA Enduro MTBers who swear by it. Road bike applications should be way easier than MTB, hence my interest .... Smoove seems to be the winner in wax lube tests, claimed to last up to 900km between applications and possibly doubling chain life.

I soaked my new KMC chain in brake cleaner and shook it around for quite a time to get all the oil out of it, then scrubbed it down in truck cleaner and warm water to get the last traces of oil and grease out of it. Then in the warm oven to fully dry out.

Cassette and chain rings and jockey wheels all copped similar treatment to remove all traces of old style lube and dirt.

 It is quite watery and squirts on easily - into the middle of the chain while back pedalling. After a few moments it crept right through the chain and was visible between the side plates and leaking out around the pins. Then run up and down all the gears to spread it around, and big ring, little ring.

I had a look this morning and it's all dried out, clear and a little sticky.

First ride tomorrow!

I will keep you up to date with developments :-)


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Testing one this week!

Will review after a couple of hundred km and report back in 2025 or so

Heh heh.

My kms are at an all time low at the moment, but I'm sticking with the Smoove.

My only gripe is road grime/oil contamination building up after a while forcing a chain clean. 

wait wait wait... after I commandeered a hair dryer to fast track getting a clean dry chain in order to apply the the Smoove  NOW you tell us about "road grime/oil contamination " ?!?

Keep bike on rollers / trainer and won't be a problem?

Glad wrap the drivetrain!

@Bill, you'll be surprised how much lint gets on the drivetrain once a bike on a trainer becomes used as a laundry staging point


That would NEVER happen!

While John and Peter have been pioneering this new age lube there is more confirmation over at BNA

Seems more shops might have it as well.

I told ya!

Haven't been riding big kms of late, but my original bottle of Smoove is still 1/2 full. 

Having finally exhausted my extensive stash of old school lube I have today converted to SMOOVE ! Waiting for it to dry overnight and then a long (and of course smoother) ride tomorrow.

Will be good to hear what you think about it

Good luck Bill. 

You really need to clean your chain and gears and hockey wheels ridiculously spotlessly clean to get a good first dose of Smoove.


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