Having a coffee at a new cafe near the new roundabout at Wigram Rd and Booth St and saw a few interesting ways to tackle the roundabout. Not a particularly bike friendly intersection, given buses and trucks can just ignore the island, while cyclists have a negative camber to counter if they go round the island, where you lose speed, (or likely crash if you misjudge), and then a battle up the hill to follow.

If it is OK for buses and trucks to mount the central island, is it OK for bikes? 


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Only thing that has done is make wigram road an easier option as a short cut.

So all that conc a few line markings plus some leaf litter and a few plants yet they still keep that 1930s wheel trap storm water grate?

Yup I would do the 6 o'clock in 12 o'clock out too

If you don't, a driver behind will do it to overtake you on the roundabout.

Yes, a cyclist could be taking it slow around the left side ( more or less have to, as it is a reverse camber) and get collected when coming back for the exit. CoS has signed the footpath as a shared path on their side ( left side of picture, in distance) but it is only 1.4 m wide, not really suitable, and no proper kerb ramp. Some cyclists are using the wider footpath on right, which is on Leichhardt's side, and not a shared path, yet. Hoping to convince them to allow this useful bypass of the whole schemozzle.
Lukewarm, but the owner did ask if it was hot enough. Young bloke, who said he wanted some bike racks outside, and was concerned about the roundabout. I would be a bit concerned too, going on the tyre marks on the footpath just outside the cafe. Also saw a camera mounted on a pole outside the cafe, so council must be monitoring the roundabout.

Noted the new supermarket next door didn't have any bike racks out the front either, where it would be useful, apparently tucked away underground down the back. The supermarket paid for the roundabout, as Council /RMS wouldn't allow a right turn in from Booth St. CoS wanted traffic lights instead of a roundabout, and was even going to pay, but Leichhardt couldn't afford to maintain them, they said. Either way, cyclists don't get a lot out of the roundabout.

A four way stop would have done it, for peanuts.

But then you couldn't do a U turn to get back to the supermarket, which is what the roundabout allows. All very complicated, because the supermarket owner went to court and won over Leichhardt Council, who didn't want a supermarket there in the first place. The court actually ordered a date for a solution to be found, didnt specify what. CoS objected to the roundabout idea, said it was dangerous for pedestrians crossing Wigram and didn't provide for cyclists either, off their shared path, but in the end CoS gave in presumably because of the court decision.

They could have put the roundabout up at Alexandra Rd maybe, where it would have helped cyclists turn right.

It would have turned it in to a car park. Australians know how to navigate a four way stop about as well as Americans traverse round abouts.

They would learn.

This place was roundabout free when I got off the boat (jet). To begin with, everyone stopped. Or they didn't and crashed. Now at least most Aussies can manage a single lane roundabout.

As a Wigram Road resident, I feel qualified to comment here - 

The roundabout is useful for slowing down traffic coming down the hill, and has made it much easier for most traffic flowing around there. I take your point about the camber, however most riders coming down Wigram Road will turn right into Booth Lane (if they know the area) as it's the recommended bike route.

The cafe seems really nice based on the one time we went with a really friendly owner, and the new supermarket is a welcome addition to the area. It's pretty good.

I agree - I live on Wigram Road as well. The supermarket is great (no need for a car!) and the one time I've been to the café it was fine - if a bit over-attentive!

I think the roundabout is a bit big but goes a good job slowing down the traffic...

Use this area a bit as well, used to live in the street[s] parallel to Wigram and sometimes now use Booth->Wigram and reverse but Booth Lane and it's a welcome addition cause it slows everyone down. I remember years ago coming home from IGA with my newly born daughter in pram on the northern side just past the hardware and someone in an astra starting to slide as they came around the corner, no parked cars to protect us, time standing still, ... stopped after spinning 180 on the gutter. Not sure how many of those there was but if the roundabout saves a few peds from similar experiences or deaths it has to be a welcome addition.

Disappointed about there being no bike parking out the front of the new supermarket.


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