Having a coffee at a new cafe near the new roundabout at Wigram Rd and Booth St and saw a few interesting ways to tackle the roundabout. Not a particularly bike friendly intersection, given buses and trucks can just ignore the island, while cyclists have a negative camber to counter if they go round the island, where you lose speed, (or likely crash if you misjudge), and then a battle up the hill to follow.

If it is OK for buses and trucks to mount the central island, is it OK for bikes? 


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You certainly need to avoid hugging the kerb, for safety as well as a good line. Plus it keeps the traffic speed down to a reasonable level - be bold!

Paper by Cumming at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1079188/Research/acc-2012-proceedings.pdf

Also another one by Axal Wilke and Cameron Munro from Melb in the Bike Futures Conference 2012

Neither considered straight across the middle, since it is illegal I guess. Moot point if it is any more dangerous than going around in the lane, because this brings you closer to vehicles waiting or entering on the side street, but speeds would be generally lower.

Leichhardt has the approach from Annandale right, as there is no bike lane coming in to the roundabout, as the above researchers recommend, but cyclists are tempted by the layout and bad camber to come in from the far left and then try to make a straight line of it, doing all the things wrong that the researchers have identified.

After 5 years, battle resumes on Tuesday at the Inner West Council Traffic Committee. There are plans to remodel the road over the Johnston’s Ck bridge just south of the roundabout. The old bridge over the canal underneath needed strengthening, and the road above is apparently only resting on 3.5 m of fill, no structural connection to the bridge below. Sounds a little scary in view of recent bridge collapses, but I digress. Can read further and see rather indistinct plans on the agenda item for the Council Traffic Cttee.

The plan shows a bike lane over the bridge on the south east side (CoS Council side) but it only starts about 30m after the roundabout. The adjacent shared path will be widened and the kerb line shifted east to allow the bike lane. Not clear if shared path status will remain. Or what happens after the bike lane ends, are they going to continue a bike lane up the hill towards Pyrmont Bridge Rd?

The footpath and traffic lane on the southwest side will be realigned and but no bike lane. Cyclists are expected to share the lane from about the Kennards Storage entry all the way into the roundabout. Quite often there is a queue of traffic into the roundabout well  back up Booth, leading to filtering on the left by cyclists, or passing by motorists if the queue is moving, which can be dangerous as the lane narrows into the roundabout. See previous posts about cyclists being squeezed into the gutter there.

Ill be asking as I did 5 years ago that the footpath on the southwest side be declared a shared path, so that cyclists can bypass the whole schemozzle over the bridge and past the roundabout and rejoin Booth St further along, near the supermarket driveway or even Taylor St.

Sounds like a plan.

I still think the roundabout should go, if they cannot design it and the approaches to safely accommodate cyclists. Bugger the shoppers and their course reversal. Safety must prevail over convenience: vision zero.

I don't think I have ridden around a roundabout for months. There are none on my commute, just one on the alternative route I use and that one has cycleways with priority crossings away from the roundabout.


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