Cycling this morning, I came across five cops on mountain bikes taking up a whole lane of South Dowling St, then turning into Moore Park Road. Strangely enough, every motorist gave them space, no one intimidated then, tried to overtake them, gave them the finger. In short, because they were cops, they were given respect on the road. Imagine if five ordinary cyclists did the same thing... Mind you, I think it's great that cops are riding bikes.

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Holiday at Her Majesty's expense?
Maybe we all need to carry guns


No bell. That guy had better watch out on Pyrmont Bridge.
The police should form a cycling pursuit squad, with carbon racing bikes, so no one can escape from them.
haha they must have seen the discussion yesterday about never being seen riding on the roads;)

Would love to see them out and about more often on the roads.
I just realised the same thing happens when the mounted police ride horses on the road. Except the horses are much, much slower than bikes and they leave little presents all over the road. No one can accuse cyclists of doing that, unless of course they're being monstered by some bogans in a ute.
I used to ride my motorbike to baseball with my bat strapped to the gearsack rack. NEVER have I been hassled with the bat in full view.


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