Not the first time people using this weapon to kill / harm / threaten others.

But as they say, cars don't kill, people do.

So I guess to be safe, off into my diesel powered 4WD I go.

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Trump will be launching a funeral procession of cars at North Korea, meanwhile Trumble will still be being the usual lap dog to everyone bar the Australian people. Three clowns in the circus!

One hopes that self driving or semi-autonomous cars will have an over-ride fail safe that will not allow a car to be used as a weapon.

Very sad state of affairs, especially when you consider some of the reactions from Trump voters who claim the far right protesters do not represent them, and some of the protesters maintaining that they are not bigoted. Followed a few threads on Twitter and so many people think that these kinds of things happen in a compete vacuum and politics of the day has no link. 


My wife has a semi-autonomous vehicle - however all automated functions can be disabled by the driver. 

A man, a vehicle and a determination to kill are all that are needed.

And there is nothing much we can do to protect ourselves from that threat.


He's wrong of course. Australia has the answer, MHL and increased harassment of pedestrians by the police with equalised fines as the weapon users

Article in the SMH today also called "weapon of choice" by Amanda Taub. She says car "accidents" are random and impersonal and that most people have felt essentially safe when they walk down the street, but now she will be making the calculation: could this happen to me, or someone I love? Is there a way I can stay safe? WHat would it take to protect me?

She now realises "a driver can wield the ordinary car as a weapon".

Something cyclists have known and discussed for years, no?

"Something cyclists have known and discussed for years"

It poses an interesting conundrum. I've been trying to work out how we get this message across in light of the recent recognition of the "car as a weapon", and be able to show it's used against cyclists all too frequently. The exercise is to slowly turn the lights on to recognise this, but not create more rabid antagonism. Anyone got any ideas!

There are no two ways about it, it is terrorism

  • it's intended to create fear;
  • it's used against people who have a different idea to the car culture;
  • it does cause injury; and in some cases
  • it does cause death.

Yet a large proportion of plod sees it as acceptable behaviour on the roads!!!!!!

Fingers crossed attitudes change - especially in light of incidents in Australia like the 'medical episode' leading to a car ramming 6 or so people in Chatswood the other day. Some comments on why there are not physical barriers between people and cars on Facebook at least, and that there are plenty of such "accidents"

Interesting too that the government has released a plan to keep us safe from vehicle attacks - with planter boxes, bollards etc... something that I think if done half decently will be great.

I can't explain why this national plan was not considered when the very first person was struck by a car/truck back in the day. Bizarrely it seems the manner of road deaths is important.



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