Westconnex an opportunity for connecting Alexandra Canal to Bourke st Cycleway

This photo of the St Peters interchange for westconnex shows an new connection from Campbell rd crossing Alexandra canal to Bourke st.  This would seem to be a perfect place to connect the existing cycleway to Bourke st by continuing it along the canal, under canal road and use the new portion of Campbell rd to get to Bourke st

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More likely Bourke Rd / Bourke St will become upgraded major motor sewers, widened and bicycle routes removed, there has been previous planning since liberal state govt about making Botney & Bourke Rd one way to improve traffic flows to airport. They will not want bicycles getting in the way of their "improvements". So short sighted, but we get the government we deserve.
I read this and weep. This can't be good for an area that has only just become relatively bicycle friendly. Sorry for the pessimism, but this looks like it has the potential to be a quantum leap backwards (along with the rest of the Wasteconnex/airport link impacts)for southern suburbs commuters. We are quite blessed with what we have at the moment, but I can only see the writing in the wall with this.

Sure I will chain my bike and into fences and lie down in front of bulldozers for as long as I can, but while we might win some battles, I am not confident about winning the war. Been discussing this with a few people tonight.

It's Carmegeddon.

And I hope I end up being proven wrong.

I am with you and Bill on this. I routinely ride from the domestic airport to Marrickville. And from both airports to SHB. Currently it is just manageable to cross the Princes Highway. The work on Canal Rd a few years ago ignored me on my bike. The bridge over the canal is unforgivable infrastructure. The tide of traffic has been growing every year. 

Sydney does not need these new roads. It just needs a way of moving containers out of Port Botany. Traffic around domestic in the mornings is already a joke. I ride there a few times a month for 6-7am flights and I am riding past gridlock. Why those people are not on bikes and the train I have no idea. The dependence on cars is already a joke and the government policy seems to be to just add more lanes. In 2014 it is quite unbelievable that this is the government's ".solution".

I found out a few hours ago that at least six houses in my street will be demolished for this unwarranted monstrosity. I suspect that they will rip up the Bourke Rd bike lane from the canal crossing to Gardeners Rd.

yep its going to impact the st peters area massively and will flow onto to tempe -im wondering how they are going to have crossings on this massively widened campbell st -I read 8 houses on each side street south of campbell street -and the park -at the moment I cycle all around this area -but it sounds like the whole area will be divided and cut up with roads with no condsideration of how the locals are suppose to navigate-

One of the people loosing their house has been posting here;

Tempe 2020 on facebook

the yellow shows the properties that will be demolished.

Isn't that the 'reserved' picture?

there has been talk that the reserve map now differs from the previous reserve map 10 years ago -people have bought and renovated their homes under the previous reserve map-and this reserve map now has more single dwellings -the previous map was situated more where there are now multi storey developments being developed -make of that what you will

The harbour will have to be lapping at the state parliament house steps before our leaders admit there might be a problem but their analysis will indicate it is all the fault of cyclists, especially the carbon frame ones.

Of course all the new road tunnels will be full of water by then.

Last night's 7.30 Report on ABCTV did a piece on the implications of our lack of oil storage reserves with the threat that ISIS is making about disrupting the supply chains.  Apparently we would be in deep sh1t after a week, with food supplies and deliveries to supermarkets, etc being effected by then.  They highlighted the problems of getting to work by car or public transport given the lack of fuel, but there was not any suggestion of being able to use the bike as a means of transport.  That was not the thrust of the report though.  It was highlighting the problem and saying that there appears to be no PLAN B if it occurred.

However, from a cycling viewpoint, it may well be a trigger point for a more serious consideration of the need to provide more infrastructure for cyclists as, for a short time anyway, more people may resort to bikes as transport.

It is an interesting scenario.


Bass Strait still produces a bit, and of course ships carrying oil to Oz are in a sense storage while they are travelling. And there's the oil plundered from Timor.


I suppose Australia could ration itself down to about a quarter of its consumption and the buses and trucks at least would still run.


Can't see iView from overseas so not sure why the ABC thinks things would go bad in just a week, unless they mean within a week of the local supply being throttled.

I can imagine a very prompt and tough military response to oil supply disruption, as usual.


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