The Environmental Impact Statement for the Westconnex New M5 has been released. Here are some of the pertinent items relating to cycling.  (Other excerpts included as attachments.) We welcome your analysis and comments.

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They are calling the Bourke Rd "separated, bi-directional bicycle path" an "on-road bicycle lane" in Fig 3-35 in this document.  This is probably worth correcting...

Perhaps that is their intention and not needing "correction" Bourke Rd has connections to the off ramps via the new Canal bridge and is supposed to share the benefits of the extra tens of thousands of vehicles pouring off the motorway out fall exit ramp (my mistake I was thinking of sewers) so they might not want to waste space for separated cycleways? Progress you know has to happen

Here are some relevant sections from the traffic and transport document part 1.

M5 Each Motorway Corridor Travel mode share:  p.9-26

St Peters Interchange Travel mode share: p.9-42 to 9-43

Impacts: p.9-75


Under Public Transport

Public transport Intercity and regional bus services which depart from the Sydney CBD use the M5 East Motorway and the M5 South West Motorway; however there are no operational bus stops along the M5 East Motorway. There are a number of bus services which operate through the M5 East Motorway interchanges at King Georges Road, Kingsgrove Road, Bexley Road and Marsh Street (refer to Section 9.3.1 for additional detail).

Under Active Transport

Bicycle use on M5 counted for the survey.  Essentially NIL


Shared paths are located adjacent to the M5 East Motorway within Beverly Grove Park, providing a continuous pedestrian and cyclist connection between King Georges Road and Bexley Road. Pedestrians and cyclists are able to cross the M5 East Motorway via:

• Four underpasses, located at Beverly Grove Park, Karingal Street, Arinya Street and Lundy Street

• Four at-grade signalised crossing points, located at King Georges Road, Cooloongatta Road, Kingsgrove Road and Bexley Road.

Does not appear consideration was given to connecting the local active transport corridors (walking & cycling) to connect with the public transport to travel to further distances post project??.  Unlike the M2 currently no dedicated bus lanes either.  Will any of this change?

When I rode the M5 about 6 weeks ago, we got directed off somewhere like riverwood and then rode the adjacent bike paths to King Georges rd where the signs advised us that the remaining adjacent path was closed.  No alternative route was recommend, which would of been roads anyway.

Is it any wonder that the bicycle count was so low


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