Westconnex revised plans for The Crescent and Victoria Rd

  • Westconn have submitted a Modified Proposal for The Crescent and Victoria Rd. It changes bike access to Anzac Bridge quite dramatically, and also to Glebe foreshore. The intersection with Johnston St is also totally changed. 

Still waiting for information on how Lilyfield Rd cyclists will get to Anzac Bridge once the Victoria Rd footbridge goes in early 2020. Best guess is being rerouted via Catherine/Brenan/ Railway Pde to The Crescent. 

[Edited Oct] - detour arrangements now out. See link in comments section.

Edit- new link to the modified project.


Chapters 4 and 6 have diagrams 

more here, see Local Updates,


in particular, the Community Guide to The Crescent overpass


From Jamie Parker’s submission guide:
Attention: Director, Transport Assessments Planning Services Department of Planning, Industry and Environment GPO Box 39
Sydney, NSW 2001
The submissions should state the application number SSI 7485.

[edit- submissions now closed, awaiting decision]

 info@rozelleinterchange.com.au. Please CC in our office on balmain@parliament.nsw.gov.au.

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Bob I went over the diagrams and I didn't spot anything you hadn't mentioned.  There appears to be a cycle/Ped underpass of Victoria Rd but not enough detail on where it goes.   Thanks goodness for you Bob, your close inspection and feedback is really needed

This is the proposed intersection at Johnston St. Existing crossing to BiCentennial Park in blue, proposed in red, thanks to RollStrolRide (tweet below). Also note bus stop on The Crescent, which may block the current shared path in front of the mural, if it survives at all- not clear that it will. 


What a cluster. Huge amounts of new road space simply to queue cars that are going to be virtually stationary at peak times, whilst making pedestrians and cyclists wait a likely 4-6 minutes just to cross the road.

That's ridiculous.  It shows a complete disregard for cyclists and pedestrians.

It makes me think, if you are heading south on City West Link ie from Anzac Bridge, can you still go straight into Buruwan Park to Railway Pde?

Not via the U shaped “Beattie Bush” footbridge, since that will be demolished. But you will still be able to go right at the Digger and down under the AB to James Craig Drive, and there will still be a crossing of The Crescent at City West Link to get to the light rail underpass and Railway Pde.

Otherwise you will be able to duck off the AB path to the right and go under Victoria Rd into the new Railyard Park and a. Couple of ways from there to get to Annandale, including a bridge across City West Link near Whites Ck at foot of Brenan St. Also the “Green Link” Bridge to Rozelle Bay lightrail station. That looks like giving access to Annandale St.

see chapter 4 for some maps and details.


Thanks Bob, the pedestrian crossings across the Cresent are still there and the path under the light rail is there too

Bob thank you for all your work on this, both in keeping various bastards honest (as far as that is possible) and in letting us know what is going on. I think you deserve a medal – and probably more than one by now. 

Is there a consolidated document about the M4-M5 link which shows how the whole thing is going to work for cyclists and pedestrians overall? I mean from the Iron Cove bridge around Victoria Road to the junction with the City West Link and down to the Crescent? I have been trawling through various bits of the planning portal/major projects website with a growing panicky feeling that I am about to drown, without finding anything comprehensive. (The link to the modification proposal at the Crescent and the CWL doesn't quite show the full picture.)

I ask because I live in Rozelle and often (daily, in fact) ride from Robert Street down Vic Rd and cross the horseshoe bridge to go down to the Crescent and on to Newtown. Half of that route seems to be slated for demolition, and it's going to be like the Irish joke: if that's your destination, I wouldn't start from here. 

To date most of the Wastecon and associated works have resulted in the removal of cycling infrastructure and where some replacement / alternate is promised in the early designs they tend to disappear from the final build due to cost blowouts in the motor vehicle bits. If you are lucky there might be some unusable & non-connected shared path that results in doubling or tripling of bicycle journey times. 

We are trying toget RMS to come up with some sort of consolidated bike route document just as you say. It is a nightmare going through all the various documents. There is stuff from JohnHolland too, and they promise to release a document covering all the arrangements during construction.

one of our ideas is to have a pedestrian/bike crossing of Victoria Rd at Robert St. Then you could cross over there and take the shared path to Lilyfield Rd, run down Lilyfield Rd to Gordon or wherever there will be access to the new park in the Railyard, and cross the Railyard to either of the new bridges (there will be 2!) over City West Link near The Crescent, or go a bit further to another new bridge to Whites Ck. All depends on some way to get across Victoria Rd.

If you ride  along The Crescent, it is going to be messy near Johnston St, but hoping they will retain the south bound shoulder under the light rail, or even widen it, so you can continue down the Crescent towards Ross St, if that is what you do. Or RMS could assist by banning parking on the park side of The Crescent, down to the Carpet shop roundabout opposite Nelson St. No residences along that side so surely not that difficult to do. Or CoS could build a bike link from The Crescent to Chapman Rd on south side of the new skate park going in- there is already a path there.

please feel free to berate RMS on this, time to get some consolidated bike planning for this vital area.

I like the idea of a Crossing at Robert St, that unpicks a lot.

As for all those red lines on the diagram, I don't think I would figure it out in practice. Rather, I will let my congestion friend facilitate on-road Cycling.

Totally agree Chris ..... Bob should be recognised for his dedication to cycling advocacy for close to 40 years!

Just noticed, there are two drop in sessions at John Holland site office in Lilyfield Rd this arvo and evening, if passing by.

details in here


The site office is in the plush buildings just east of Gordon St, which RMS compulsory acquired, after first losing a court case, if you remember. Great view of the railyard from their car park.


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