Westconnex revised plans for The Crescent and Victoria Rd

  • Westconn have submitted a Modified Proposal for The Crescent and Victoria Rd. It changes bike access to Anzac Bridge quite dramatically, and also to Glebe foreshore. The intersection with Johnston St is also totally changed. 

Still waiting for information on how Lilyfield Rd cyclists will get to Anzac Bridge once the Victoria Rd footbridge goes in early 2020. Best guess is being rerouted via Catherine/Brenan/ Railway Pde to The Crescent. 

[Edited Oct] - detour arrangements now out. See link in comments section.

Edit- new link to the modified project.


Chapters 4 and 6 have diagrams 

more here, see Local Updates,


in particular, the Community Guide to The Crescent overpass


From Jamie Parker’s submission guide:
Attention: Director, Transport Assessments Planning Services Department of Planning, Industry and Environment GPO Box 39
Sydney, NSW 2001
The submissions should state the application number SSI 7485.

[edit- submissions now closed, awaiting decision]

 info@rozelleinterchange.com.au. Please CC in our office on balmain@parliament.nsw.gov.au.

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The proposed Green Link across The City West Link from the Light Rail station doesn’t look so green, right next to the proposed new flyover for cars. Trees lost are those in Buruwan Park. Nice framing of the motorway exhaust stack too as you cross.

From Ch 4 of the Modified EIS

The view to the SE isn’t much better, and there is no access for cyclists down to The Crescent via a pedestrian only ramp, but naturally cyclists will want to do that.

not much Appeal on a hot day

Makes you wonder just what the engineers who designed it think the "green" in Green Link means? More Green wash ? It probably won't get built anyway.

Went to a meeting yesterday with RMS. They have to build the Green Link because it’s in the EIS, inserted by Dept of Planning for reasons not quite certain. One person has suggested it is to allow for big crowds to reach a footy stadium in the railyards. Shades of Tibby Cotter.

 Because the flyover will be taller than the green Link Bridge they can’t run another bridge off it over to the Bay side as they were also required to do, hence the new horseshoe shaped bridge over the City West Link, which will add a few hundred metres extra distance. 

Most cycling movements are catered for, but the the easy at grade path from Railway Pde to Johnston St via the mural shared path looks like being cut, although we asked them to see if width could be retained. Also to make the pedestrian down ramp off the Green Link to The Crescent a shared path.

we also asked them to retain the shoulder on The Crescent under the light rail bridge, and mark a bike lane south along The Crescent at least as far as the end of the new skate park area, so cyclists could then duck off The Crescent into Chapman Rd. If they were really keen RMS could extend the bike lane all the way to Nelson St roundabout, but it’s outside the scope of this project.

A Facebook page (nothing to do with me, it’s localAnnandale people) showing some more details and suggesting points to make if making a submission- until Sept 18. Best way to submit something is via snail mail, as the DPIE website is hopeless. 


Jamie Parker also has a guide to submitting


Or goto his website.

The proforma letter could be used, with some more personal bits or bicycle specific bits added

Thanks Bob. Submission done

Another point for submissions is ask RMS to retain the shoulder under the light rail bridge, or even widen it, along to the refuge a bit further south. You could then use the footpath along to the path into the parklands and Chapman Rd, bypassing the skate park which has cut the Chapman Rd route (See other discussion on that). Or remove the parked cars after the refuge on the parkland side and extend a bike lane along The Crescent. 

Bob, do you have draft / example text for Submission? I am a bit far away so have Points in mind but not precision. I am Aware the Deadline is Wednesday.

FWIW, what I wrote. Note the electronic submission method on the Planning website is tedious, I used snail mail. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vkRUgNdLqihiALLiqmUc3o3k5j4wCQA...

Thank you. I did get my very Bob Submission in.

Submissions are being accepted for just a few days more AFAIK.

Yes, extended to 25/9.

jamie Parker has a useful submission guide. He has come up with some alternatives (or asking RMS to reconsideroptionsthey rejected) to the car flyover, like a trenched tunnel undeR CWL, which would mean the original Green Link could be retained. And calling for at grade connection to foreshores from Railway Pde, with retention of existing crossing at Johnston St and some trees in Buruwan Park near the light rail embankment. This seems a very good idea.



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